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Saturday, February 4, 2006

A Shopping I Will Go!

OK, I've posted all my samples I got done last night. I didn't do too bad, got 4 layouts and a card done in 3 hours! Now I'm off to shower and we are going to look for a futon, paint and hardwood flooring! Can't wait to see all the samples! And bonus, the boys are staying with my mom so it will be so easy! LOL! No telling them to get off stuff, or stay beside us or telling them we are almost done, etc. You know the drill if you have kids!
I also don't have to clean the house!!! Michael is going to start ripping a wall down so it's gonna make some serious dust so why bother. I will clean the bathrooms but that's it! So much nicer than spending 4 hours scrubbing! It's going to be a great day!!!
Happy Saturday everyone!

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Christine Smith said...

Pam, it's Christine Smith -- yeah, you go right ahead and link the scrapped movie site all to pieces -- all publicity is greatly appreciated!