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Friday, March 31, 2006

I LOVE Fridays!

Especially when I only have to work half a day and from home to boot! No commute in traffic and then it's going to be a gorgeous day so I can open some windows and get fresh air instead of freeze my tush off like I do at work! And it's gonna be quite!!! Well except for the radio blaring my country tunes! Woohoo!!! Then at noon it's off for the rest of the day, I'm gonna run some errands and enjoy the weather!

We're pulling up the carpet in my bedroom this weekend, that should be a chore! I have no clue what I am going to do with all the stuff in my walk in closet! It's 5x10 and totally full! ACK!!! But we ordered the bamboo flooring so we have to get everything prepped for it to come in! Man I can't wait to see that down!

Gonna finish up my store samples today too, just have to run to get some ink that I need to complete the project and make the tea bag album and I'm done! I am going to use the new Crate papers for that one. They are gorgeous! They even sponsored us at 123 and my for my CK Convention class! They rock!!! Go check them out! I have already done two pages and my CK class sample with two of their lines and I absolutely love the papers!

So now it's off to shower and get the boys up before I start work! Have a great Friday!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Son's a Better Scrapper than Me!

So Josh is in the driveway playing basketball one minute and the next he's at the front door screaming his head off and there is blood everywhere! He made a basket and the ball came back down and whacked him in the mouth. Knocked his tooth almost all the way out. It's hanging on by a thread!!! Thing bled for like 1/2 an hour or more! Totally gross! So we finally get it stopped and he says his mouth is OK and of course he's more concerned with grossing me out by wiggling it around. This morning in the car Jake says to me "Mama, you should have taken a picture of that tooth"! Now of course I know by the end of the day it's gonna be out. So he says to Josh "Josh, make sure it stays in so Mama can take a picture of it!" LOL! Have I groomed my kids or what?
Another fun photo from my weekend! This one was up on the Junkitz Blog!! I saw it yesterday and was so happy to be included in the Junkitz fun! I did the CD Holder M&T with Janna's new papers and mentioned to Stacy that I read her blog so of course she wanted a photo for the blog! I was honored! Stacy and Kenny from Junkitz are the nicest people and they make the cutest couple! Kenny did a M&T at the Ranger table with me and I got a photo of him too!

OK well I guess that's all the news I have for now and I really should get off here so you all have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Great Weekend Ending!

It was a terrific weekend! I am glad it's over tho! I got 4 hours of sleep last night! I will not be very coherent in work tomorrow!

Here is a photo of Rachael, Melissa and I in my scraproom on Friday night!

And here is a photo of Saturday night that I was very happy to get!

That's none other than Tim Holtz! We did a very cool M&T at the Susan Gilman show using UTEE, some Distress Inks, Microscope slides and stamps that ended up as a pin. I also made about 8 other make n takes from other vendors. It was great!

Today we got all the ribbon ordered that I'll need for my Ribbon class at the CK Convention and the LSS owner where I teach ordered all kinds of fun new stuff from Ranger, SEI, Technique Tuesday, MSE and Creative Impressions. I can't wait for it all to come in! ;)

Then I came home to a beautifully painted Yellow Dining Room. Michael got it all done while I was gone! Now all we have left to paint is the kitchen! I am dying to get everything all done!

OK well I'm off to get the Josh man into the shower, and to get my PJs on so I can go to bed when the boys do at 8 sharp, I'm bet! Have a great night!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hiedy Ho!

Melissa that one's just for you! ;)
It was a lot of fun last night, all the kinds were terrific, and got along great. Melissa, Rachael and I got some stuff done (Rachael paper scrapped!) and it was a good time! It was great to see everyone! Sorry Lesley couldn't make it but maybe next time! I will definitely have them back again even if they tried to corrupt me! :) I have all kinds of new stuff on my wish list tho! Melissa had some awesome Heidi Swapp stuff I want and Rachael had some new stuff I loved too so I want to go shopping!!! Rachael gave me a cool huge pin to use on a snow page (it's almost done) thats made by Around the Block I think and they are so cool! Thanks Rachael! Melissa has like every Heidi product out there so now I want a bunch of her rub-ons! I only got one circle journal entry done, another one started and a layout started but the visiting was way more fun anyway! We had pizza and margaritas and chocolate so it was perfect in every way! Once Rachael sends me the photos I'll share!
Now I'm off to do some housework before I go to see Tim Holtz! Happy Saturday everyone!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Woohoo! I am finally feeling better! Man it's been a rough week! My head is done throbbing and that big giant knot in my throat is gone! And just in time! Girls scrapping night is tomorrow night, Rachael, Lesley and (with lots of hope possibly) Melissa are coming over! Can't wait! Haven't seen Lesley in quite some time so am really looking forward to this! Margarita's and Cake for Rachael and me! Lots of Fruit 2-0 for Lesley and we'll just see which way Melissa goes IF she shows! HOLDING OUT LOTS OF HOPE FOR MELISSA!!! ;) The boys are looking forward to having playmates too cause Rachael is bringing her adorable kiddos! Jake and Josh liked playing with Dane and Dylan and they are all almost the same age too. I feel a bit bad for poor Megan tho, she's going to be so outnumbered! Poor girl!
Then Saturday I get to go to the Susan Gilman show and watch Tim Holtz do make and takes! How fun will that be! And then check out all the awesome Vendors on Sunday! I am psyched cause I checked out the Vendor list and Junkitz is gonna be there! Woohoo! I am just dying to see the new CHA stuff in person! There are also going to be a bunch of other great companies there and I've never been to this show so it should be so great! I'm going to meet a fellow on-line friend I've never met before too so that should be fun! Sandra (aka Scrapfreak) has been mentioned as Donna Downey's new best friend on Donna's blog so it will be very fun to meet her I'm sure if Donna liked her that much! ;

Oh and I did a digi layout from our Cape trip. It's of Carol's saving if a glass of wine from being thrown down the drain! It's Cindy Simon's new "Anything But Merlow" kit available at and the kit is just gorgeous. The colors are devine! Love it Cindy! I think the photos were made for the kit, don't you! ;)
Here is Carol in all her saving grace!
Isn't she the cutest thing? And of course the kit is just great! I have to shout out to Cindy for just taking the ball and running with this digi kit creating thing! Man I wish I had her talent! Not that I'd ever even dream of adding another thing to my plate right now but I would love to be able to do it if I wanted to!

OK, I'm gonna close, I hope everyone has an awesome day! See ya tomorrow!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Blah Blah Blick

So no wonder I feel so bad, I have strep throat! I finally went to the doctor today. I should start to feel better by tomorrow now that I've got the good old z-pack tho! Gotta love throat cultures! Gag me while I'm down why don't ya! :) Well the worst is over at least!
Now for the best news! I just found out I get to go to the Susan Gilman show this weekend! How cool is that! I get to see Tim Holtz IRL doing M&Ts! I am stoked! I hear there are classes too but I'm not signed up for those. I'm just so excited to be going to the M&Ts! Seeing Tim Holtz in person creating is going to be so cool! I can't wait! I have always wanted to take a class by him but this will be just as great! Maybe I'll get a photo too!
Well I'm gonna go get comfy on the couch now. Early to bed tonight so I can get my butt to work tomorrow! I missed today so I could go to the doc. Well kinda, I worked from home!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Icky Saturday

Got up not feeling well today. It started out with a sore throat yesterday and went downhill from there. Now I've got it full force! I should have known being in a room full of 300+ women last weekend I'd get something! I should have brought the Airborne with me!
Baseball tryouts were this morning, Jake did really well and Josh did pretty good, better than I expected, and he didn't eat his glove the whole time which was a huge surprise! LOL! Then I came home and went straight to bed. Got up at 4:30! I never nap! Then work called so I'm doing quick build and then gonna have some dinner and head straight to the couch! Hopefully I'll feel good enough to clean tomorrow cause Michael is stripping wallpaper in the kitchen today and it's a mess! I even have new Crate papers and don't feel like scrapping! I must be sick!
OK well my build is done so I'll sign off now. Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Yeah Friday!

Man for a short week it was long! I'm so glad it's Friday! Here is another of my favorite photos from the Cape. This is in front of what they called my "Wall of Fame". It was a wall in the store full of pages by me. You can actually get a glimpse of Jake behind Andrea's head and my H3 behind Chris's! LOL! That cup I am holding is not coffee, it's a Watermelon Martini!

Baseball tryouts tomorrow. Spring Monday! It sure doesn't seem like it with the cold weather! I am looking for signs of Spring everywhere I can though! I did see buds on my magnolia! Hopefully I'll see crocus popping up soon too. Granted there is still snow in my backyard!

Class went well last night, I think they all liked it but didn't make any sales! ;) I guess I didn't push that paint and ink enough! Now I've got to figure out what I'm gonna teach April - June! Also got some of the new Crate Papers! Boy are they gorgeous! Oh and picked up some of the American Traditional Bohemian Chic line! (Love that stuff Rachael!) So hopefully I'll get some playtime this weekend. Gotta do my class stuff for the CK Convention! I have some ideas already, just have to get them on a two page layout and a card. The papers and the ribbons are terrific! Looking foward to teaching for the convention now just need to come up with something to their standards! Nervewracking!

OK well I'm outta here! Have a great Friday!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Jolene!

To one of my faithful blog readers I dedicate this post! ;) I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! After getting all that yummy Chatterbox paper maybe you can scrap the day away! ;)

I finally can post some Cape photos! This is one of my favorites! All of us on the beach. I am not happy with myself as always but love that we are all together so I will share it! That's Cindy on the left, then Carol, Chris, Andrea, and me in the blue sweater. This is Old Silver Beach on Cape Cod. It was a gorgeous 60 degree day. Carol even put her feet in the water! It was cold too! Another photo to share! ;)
It was such a fun weekend and I already miss my girlfriends terribly! I hope we can do this again!
Teaching a class tonight. I packed everything last night and hopefully didn't forget anything! Gotta love when I get to the store and have to purchase stuff because I forgot something! It should be fun since we get to play with paints, inks, chalks, distressing powers, and the heat gun! I need to come up with some good ideas for the next set of classes, anyone out there have any suggestions? Please comment if you do!
OK, well I guess I better get myself back to work, just took a quick break to post this. Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What Day is it?

I am so messed up! I thought today was Tuesday! Having Monday off really threw me off schedule! I can't complain tho because it made my bday weekend last a bit longer! I was able to get the laundry done, unpacked and a short nap in too! I'm still a bit tired from the weekend but I'll catch up eventually! I just need to get to bed early one night, not tonight tho, LOST is on!
Got all my layouts from this weekend that aren't at the store scanned last night before Idol came on and now I have to upload them tonight. I didn't realize I got 13 pages and a matchbook album done. I think I scanned 8 to upload. Not bad! Most of them use Basic Grey so there is some overkill there! LOL!

I keep forgetting to reload Photoshop on my computer so I can't share the Cape photos yet but hopefully tomorrow. There are some great shots! I already scrapped 2 of them when we were at the Cape because Carol brought a printer! It was fun being able to do photos of the event while at the event! I think I've decided I'm going to start a girlfriends album of all my get togethers with my friends since I've have a few of them now.
OK well I guess that's it for today, off to work I go! Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm back!!!

Whew! What a week/weekend it was! It started on Wednesday when I turned the big 4-0 and got so much better from there! Thursday I picked up Chris and Andrea (and after a couple delay's) Carol! It was so great to be together like that and so much fun! And then on Friday we packed up Michael's pickup truck (man that thing was full) and headed to Cape Cod to meet up with Cindy. It was so much fun and I got so spoiled that I'll be comparing every bday after this one to it!

I got a Z Becky Brown purse from Chris and Andrea. And then two altered frames from Andrea too! One was the awesome "Florida" one that she had published in the Creative Concepts magazine and the other is one that says Cape Cod and now has an awesome photo of the 5 of us on the beach in it. It's purple so it's in the scraproom! ;)

I got an accordian album and altered CD from Carol. The accordian album has photos of all the 123 Faculty and it's terrific! The CD is a friends CD.

Oh and Chris made the most awesome little box (pink and brown of course) with a mini album inside it all about friends! (Seemed to be the weekend theme!) It's beautiful! She said she got the box at the $ store! Man what that girl can do with stuff!

I also got money that I spent on the new Basic Grey and other stuff while at the Cape from Mom and Michael! The owner of the LSS where I work also gave me a ton of the Color Me Silly stuff for my bday! I was the first to get any of it because the stuff hadn't even been unpacked when I got it! ;) They also had a pink and brown cake for me and Becky (her bday is one week after mine) that was very yummy!

Oh and of course my bday balloons that were delivered to the crop room were so fun!

Then a package came from Wendy with an amazing lampwork bead bracelete, tourmaline necklace and a CD holder with a bunch of CDs in it that I had been wanting! I wore the bracelet and necklace all weekend even tho it didn't match every outfit! ;)

It was the best birthday ever and I wish I could spend it with my good friends every year! We are hoping we can do it again for Andrea's 40th! :)

Monday, March 6, 2006

No Time for Bloggin!

It's been crazy busy! Getting ready for Chris, Andrea, and Carol's visit and then our trip to the Cape to meet up with Cindy! My house is a big dust pit from all wood and sheetrock dust! UCK! I washed windows, curtains, and dusted yesterday all day and then painted on last wall. That's it other than the grocery shopping, cleaning and packing. We can't get anything else done before Thursday so the house will be in total disarray! Oh well! They aren't coming to see my house! ;)

We got our taxes done on Saturday, good ole Uncle Sam is taking another $2k from us! Yippee! As if we don't pay enough out! Can't wait to figure out where I'm gonna come up with that. So much for a refund! LOL!

I got 5 pages done for the store on Friday night and didn't have time to scan them before I brought them over Sat morning so those are not going to be in my gallery for awhile! Bummer too because some of the papers are so cool! Maybe I'll take my camera to the store one day and take pics of them since they will be there for a bit.

OK well I have to get to work, I'll only be there two days this week so I gotta make them count! Have a great Monday!