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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weekend Recap

We had a nice visit with my MIL and FIL on Friday and Sat. but I ate way too much! Then Sunday and Monday we kind of just hung around and I got some paper scrapping and a little beading in. I think this bracelet reminds me of the beach, I wished I'd had some kind of beachy charm to add to it but I think it turned out OK:

I did 3 paper pages, no new photos because my printer was out of ink but at least they are done. This one is based off a sketch I created for 123-Scrap and I loved the papers but I think the black flourish is throwing it off. I may need to change it. I thought with the rub-ons it would be OK but I think because it's not flat it sticks out too much, KWIM?

And this one is of course in my favorite color combo since I can never resist the chance to use it! It's based off a digi sketch template by my friend Rachael
And this is a digi page I did last night. I found these old photos over the weekend when I was looking for some other photos on CD for Michael. I couldn't resist scrapping these since they make me smile so much! Sketch Template by Jen Caputo, Kit is Little Bug by Peppermint Creative, Stitching and Frames are by Gina Miller:

And that's all I've got for now. Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and A Freebie for my Digi Friends!

It's an extra long weekend here at the Bumbaca household. My MIL and FIL came to visit yesterday and they just left a few minutes ago. We had a very nice visit. They brought the newest member of the family to visit with them. I was a bit leary of that but that's another story and it turned out to be OK anyway. My newest BIL, Mickey is 10 weeks old and very cute! Here is one photo of many I took of him over the last two days:

I am wiped out! I cleaned house until 9pm Thursday night, got up and ran errands Friday am before my inlaws got here, cooked a big spaghetti and meatball dinner salad and strawberry shortcake (thanks to Kendra for the craving) for dinner last night, then today made sausage biscuits with gravy, eggs and fruit salad for breakfast, we went for a nice walk this afternoon and then I made marinated steak tips and some yummy potatoes for lunch and some cookies before they left this afternoon! And of course in between took lots of photos and played with the puppy! ;) Oh and did I mention Jake had a baseball game in there too! LOL! I plan on doing nothing tomorrow! Well except maybe head down to my scraproom for a bit! I'll need to go to Staples for some ink first since I am out of yellow and I know I'll just have to scrap some new photos from this weekend even tho I've got a million older photos needed to be done! ;)

I got a fun kit from Kendra left over from one of the classes she taught in the mail today and since I can't take any of her classes that's the next best thing! She is incredibly talented and I am thrilled to have the kit to at least make something she designed!

OK, I've done enough chatting. On to the freebie. I made these silk flowers during the same time I made the shades of blue kit. I've not been back to the whole designing thing again but I've got a few things stored up to share every now and then. I'm going to have to do a lot more learning to be any good at it that's for sure but hopefully for my digi friends you can get some use out of these. Here is the preview:

And here is the download link:

Enjoy and have a great rest of the weekend!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Paper Scrapped!

For the first time in a month! I only got one page done but boy it felt good! I tried to start on an altered project too but I started to feel yucky in my tummy and had to quit. I'm headed down there for a couple of hours before I have to get ready for a double header baseball game and then a wake after this post to see how far I can get again today. Karen maybe I'll finish your bday present! :)

So here is my page. I used Teresa Collin's of Junkitz Extreme Boy Line. Love it!!! I've been waiting for a special photo to use these papers, I think I found it!

It's been raining here all weekend which is why they are trying to get a double header in today but from the looks of the rain today not to sure that is going to happen either. Well maybe more scraptime for me then! ;)

Hope you all have a fabulous day! See ya tomorrow hopefully if I have anything to post about!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nose for Sale!

I want a new one! One that doesn't run! Man allergies are the pits! I'll sell these itchy eyes while I'm at it too. LOL! I got some eye drops from the doc, they are supposed to be really strong, the co-pay was $45 (which means they are tier 1) and they worked for all of 5 minutes. You can use them twice a day. I won't be refilling those! I also got Allegra. Not high on my recommendation list either. Another one that you take 2x a day. It works all of about a nano-second.
Yesterday was exciting. We had tornado watches start up at about 2:30. Right when my son gets home from school and an hour before I leave from work. I'm 40 minutes away from home. Jake calls and says "Mom, when are you coming home? It's raining like crazy and there are tornado watches!" I say "Can you go next door?" He says "Nope, they aren't home." Great! So I say, "Watch the news, if the tv starts that buzzing noise you call me right away and I'll tell you what to do." What else can I do? In the end we just had some serious downpours, thunder, lightening and no baseball! :) But that means a makeup game tomorrow night. Bummer!
The CK Convention is in town this weekend and I was hoping to sneak over there. Oh well, I guess I'll save a few pennies. Who am I kidding I'll save mega bucks! :)
I am really hoping to get down to my scraproom this weekend . Granted I have to figured out when I'll actually have time to do that but maybe just maybe. I've got so much stuff to work on pending down there and some major dust bunnies building up from no movement in that room! LOL!
OK, well I've got not much else going on so I guess I'll leave you. Have a happy day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Check This Out!

My good friend Rachael isn't just designing templates anymore! She's joined the element and paper world too! She was invited to join the 2nd Digital Tag team! The kit is fabulous! And for 8.99 it's a steal! It's jam packed with stuff! Here is a little sneak peak.

In other news we had a fabulous day in Boston on Mother's Day. We went out for some great eats to a restaurant we learned about when Jen and Adam came to town last summer. My DH actually wants to go back for Father's day. Jen want to come with us? ;) And we took the boys to the top of the Prudential Center and they just loved that! I got some fun photos of a Red Sox game going on at Fenway Park!

and here's another of the City:

It was just a perfect day.

Last night Jake had a baseball game. They won, 17-6. Jake had 4 terrific hits to the back of the field, I thought he was going to hit one over the fence for sure! I think this is his year for his first home run! It was a great game! They played the Red Sox of all teams to beat! ;) Funny Josh's team got crushed by the Red Sox on Saturday! ;) Tonight it's Soccer practice and tomorrow night it's two more games at the same time different fields, I wish I could clone myself so I could be at them both! I hate having to say no to one! :(

OK gotta work! Have a great day!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Busy Saturday!

We are off for a full day! First Jake has Baseball pictures at 8:10 and then Jake has a baseball game at 9am and Josh has a soccer game at the same time. So I'll be running back and forth trying to take photos of them both! Then I have to run Josh to the car to change for after his game gets over at 10 for his baseball photos at 10:30! Thank goodness this is all at the same place! Only because it's not raining today! If it were yesterday we'd be running clear across town! Then we get to go home to take a breather and eat some lunch and it's back to another part of town for Josh's baseball game! This is my life until the end of June or maybe the beginning of July! At least I'm driving today so I can do it myself instead of being a 14 yo again and having my mommy take me! LOL!

OK I'm outta here! All you Mom's have a very happy Mother's Day tomorrow! Hugs!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Not Much New Here

I'm still working from home and going to PT twice a week. I go back to driving on Monday. Mother's Day is Sunday and because I'm not driving I have not bought cards or gifts yet! Of course Michael calls me today and says, will you order yourself that lens that you want? It's never a surprise for me! LOL! I'm getting this:
And a wireless remote, some lens hoods I need and of course the UV Filter for it. Sometimes it's not bad shopping for yourself! :)
I am not getting much scrapping done, I'm spending only work time on the computer and my neck can't handle paper scrapping at all even if I had the time. We have baseball games/practices, soccer games/practices almost every night and most of the day on Sat! I think we may have one night off this week. My mom's been a trooper driving us all over the place but man I feel like I'm 14 again! LOL!
So that's all I've got. Hope you all have a Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy NSD!

To all my scrapping pals! I hope you all got some great scrap time or scrappy shop time in! Today I had 2 soccer games and one baseball game so needless to say I did no scrappying what-so-ever. I did manage to spend some money in the digi world tho! Can't miss out on those sales! ;)

Speaking of sales check out the May Mega Kit at Digi Scrap Shak :

Aren't those colors awesome! And the size, yep it's Mega alright! Hurry over to the shak and scoop it up!

And be sure to leave a comment and tell me all the fun stuff you did to celebrate NSD! Hope it was great! Have a terrific night!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Temporarily Suspended

from driving that is! For 2 weeks! ACK! I have had some neck pain for about 2 weeks now. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and went to the ER on Sat. Fun 3 hours wasted and meds that don't work out of that! So I call my doc yesterday and of course they can't fit me in until today. They say since I was already seen at the ER I need to wait 3 days! UGH! So today I am told I need to go to Physical Therapy and no driving for 2 weeks! Granted driving kills my neck but that's a long time! The meds they gave me are stronger and I guess you shouldn't drive and when my doc heard I worked a 40 minute drive away she said uh-uh! So I should be a bit nuts working from home and having no one to talk to all day for that long! I'm a very outgoing person I need to gab! ;)
It's also the start of baseball and soccer season and we have games/practices 3 nights a week and on Saturday! How's that going to happen when I can't drive and my husband works all over kingdom come? Oh Mom... Thank GOD for my mom and that she lives close! Dang, sometimes she drives me nuts but she's a lifesaver! I have to get her something good for Mother's Day! Any ideas anyone?
Oh, we are having a cyber crop at 123-Scrap this weekend in honor of National Scrapbook Day so if you want some scrapping fun, stop on by!
And that's my news. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!