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Friday, February 24, 2006

I've been Tagged

By my good friend Rachael!

See below for the rules to this one and to see who I am tagging!

1. What are your three favorite life moments thus far? I'd have to say the day I got married, and the days I had my two boys.

2. Who are the three most important peeps in your life? Oh boy can I have 4 please? My DH Michael, my two boys Jake and Josh, and my Mom.

3. Where were you three years ago? umm, same place I am now, living my my house in NH with my DH and two boys, only thing different was the job I am doing was at a different company! Yep I'm a pretty boring person!

4. If your only three fast food choices were Taco Bell, Mc Donalds, or Burger King which would you choose? Taco Bell definitley!

5. If you could meet three celebs and talk to each one for 1/2 hour who would you choose? Oy, thats a tough one, I guess I'd say Oprah, Stacey Julian (scrapbooking celebs count right?) and Mel Gibson.

Rose (the tag originator) writes: Here's the catch though if you're tagged you need to come back to my blog leave a little comment that you've tagged up. So at the bottom of the questions when you copy and paste you'll need to grab and include the link to this very blog so others can continue on and let's see how many peeps participate.Here is the direct link to Tag Up in Rose Farver's comments!

The 3 people I am tagging: Cindy, Rach, Lisa! :)


Rachael Giallongo said...

Wow, you were quick!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose said...

AWESOME! Thanks for joining up! this will be very intetersting to see where it goes and I got to come check out you blog too! thanks!