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Saturday, May 7, 2011


I got my first DSLR when Canon made their first DSLR, back in 2003. It was 6.1 megapixels and I was so happy to get it. It has been a darn good camera all these years and although I have absolutely no issues with it except for the batteries don’t hold a charge for very long anymore I really wanted to upgrade because my Photographer’s Workshop taught by Karen Russell started this week! So what better time to ask for a new camera than for Mother’s Day?  And boy did I get a new camera…


It’s the Canon 7D, 18 megapixels and it does video too! This thing has so many bells and whistles I can’t imagine learning half of them but Karen says I’ll learn them all in the class so that’s pretty darn exciting! I haven’t taken many photos with it yet because I’m still trying to figure it out and am only about 20 pages into the manual but the few photos I have taken are amazingly crisp!

I went to my annual weekend crop last weekend and got 17 pages and 6 cards done. Not bad but boy have I slowed down! I remember getting 17 pages done in a night! I take hours on a page now and I used to crank them out in a half an hour but then again I didn’t used to sew on every page either. It was a lot of fun, two of my co-workers came and they had a good time too, one of them already signed up again for next year, the other one isn’t able to commit that far ahead but wants to go again too. They are trying to add a second one in the fall as well so I hope to be going twice a year soon.

Other than that, not much new hear, work is crazy busy, still working around the house, the garage is all done except for a few minor thing but at least it matches the house. I LOVE IT!


I hope all my ‘mom’ friends have a wonderful Mother’s Day!