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Friday, April 28, 2006

Still Down!

Yep the site is still down. We found the problem and were back up for all of about 10 minutes yesterday but now we have a full disk! Now how that happened with just a software upgrade is beyond me! I pretty much can't get in there to do anything because of a full disk and I'm afraid to delete the wrong thing! I spent all morning on the phone with the server and software companies and then they supposedly fixed it but looks like it's worse than it was other than no viruses! Can this week get any better? Gonna have to do some more phone time today! At least I can work and talk at the same time, God Bless Multi-tasking!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and patience!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Man when it rains it pours! I have not been having a good time of it lately but I'm trying to stay upbeat and not let it get me down. Then this morning I got a call from Andrea saying that 123-Scrap has been hacked! Darn hackers sent out email to all my members with a trojan virus attachment AND hacked into my forums and put a virus there too! Man mean people stink! They get their jollies out of making other people's lives miserable! How could a person be like that? All I've got to say is that hopefully what goes around comes around to whoever did this to me and anyone else they have hacked in the past! Hopefully I'll get it fixed soon and be back to normal. Send good thoughts my way if you can spare them please!
Well that's about all I've got, hope you all have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh Happy Day!!!

We booked our summer rental! We are going to Martha's Vineyard this year!!! I can't believe that after 15 years of going to York Beach, Maine every summer we are going someplace different! I have NEVER been to the cape in the summer! I've been told so many times about the horrific traffic and such that I've stayed away. Heck I've only been to the Cape twice in my life and both times in March! I can't wait for July and to be going somewhere different! WOOHOO!!!
OK, here is digital layout with my new favorite digi kit. It's called Oh Boy by Kelly Schultz. I bought it at It's got my second favorite color combo and paisley!! I just love this kit!

Well that's about all the news I have today. Oh wait, I did upload 3 brand new sketches at 123-scrap if you are in need of some inspiration.

Have a very Happy Day! :)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Rainy Monday!

I hate Monday's! And when you wake up and it's raining that just makes it all the worse! Granted I guess if I have to work I'd rather it be raining when I'm at work but the kids are on Spring Break this week and that means that they have to spend the whole day cooped up inside at the DayCare. Well hopefully they don't go too crazy after spending a whole day inside yesterday due to rain too!
I scrapped yesterday! Not for very long and only got a few pages done and no cards for soldiers! Man I have got to get my behind moving on the cards for the Father's Day shippment! I have made three cards and none of them are Father's Day themed! Can you tell I'm not a card maker? ;) There are girls on the site that are whipping them out in the hundreds and I can't even make 10! I have no clue how they do it!
Sports have started in full swing in our house. We had soccer Tuesday, baseball Wed and Thurs, and then Soccer and Baseball all day Saturday and that is how it's going to be until the end of June! Can you say goodbye to my free time! Good news is that Jake scored a goal in their first game on Sat! Of course I was teaching back to back classes at the LSS so I wasn't there to see it but Way to Go Jake! Be prepared to see lots more sports layouts from me in the near future! ;)
So that's all I've got for you today, I hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Candy Be Gone!!!

Man I can't stop eating Jelly Beans! And Cadbury Mini Eggs! I swear if I haven't gained 10 pounds this week I'll be amazed! I can't wait till all this candy is gone! I should just let the boys eat as much as they want and be done with it so I won't be tempted anymore! LOL!

Here's my new favorite photo! Michael finally let me take his picture. This is also a layout I'm entering in a little contest Gina Miller is having using her Garden Treasures collection. This one uses her Tomato Basil kit. Love it! I also used some of her fun glitter borders and also some elements from her Build Your Own Bulletin Board kit. Very fun stuff. Oh and of course the brushes I can't get enough of by Michelle Coleman. Very simple page but love the colors and of course didn't want to take away from that photo! I will definitely be paper scrapping this one in a 5x7! ;)
I took this photo on Easter at my Godmother's house. So of course he was all dressed up in his Easter best and looked so handsome! Not that he doesn't look handsome all the time but he's not usually dressed up! I really should have had someone take a family photo!
So that's all that's new here with me, will be working from home tomorrow since Josh has no school so I'll check in again from there! Have a happy Thursday folks!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Marathon Monday

Yep, it's Patriots Day and the 100 something running of the Boston Marathon. Another one that I will not get to see since I don't have the day off! Jodee Messina is running in this one so she's who I'm watching! Oh and a guy I work with's twin brother is also running so I'll route for him in the Men's category. Not that either one of them are in the front runners but that's OK!
So Easter was great yesterday! Hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday too! I myself ate way too much! Did great for the actual dinner part but then blew it all away when dessert came out! The darn macaroons and strawberry whipped cream cake did me in. Oh and I must of eaten half a bowl of chips and dip in between! So can you say, NO JUNK FOOD to me today! I have got to get myself back on the diet bandwagon and quick! Summer is coming! That means shorts and bathing suit weather!!! UGH!!! It was great to see lots of family and take lots of fun pictures! I even got all the little kids to sit on the couch at once for a photo! 6 of them all in a row! And I think 5 of them were looking at the camera! Haven't downloaded them yet but I'm pretty sure it looks darn cute! Looking foward to scrapping that one and especially the one of the two girls in their pretty Easter dresses!! :)
But for now it's WORK so everyone have a wonderful day!

Friday, April 14, 2006

I Have Pink Floor!

Now that may not sound so bad since I love pink but it's only in one spot!!! DH decided to help color eggs last night and did a good job on the eggs but not so good a job on the clean up! ;) One bright pink spill! That stuff stains good!!! We wiped it right up but there is still a very faint pink stain. OOPS! Got some great shots of them all decorating tho! And some good shots of the pretty colored eggs too! Haven't downloaded those yet tho so will have to share later!
What is up with those Sox? They lost to Toronto again last night!!! Not good! They had BETTER turn this around and SOON!!!!
Got the shopping for Easter done last night and found out I need to return one thing! Darnit! So back to the store tonight. Nothing like waiting till the last minute! I am getting so bad lately!!! Don't know what is with me! I need to get back to my old organized self and quick!
OK well that's all FOLKS! Oh yeah, one more thing! TGIF!! Have a great one!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wednesday didn't end too Well!

Red Sox Lost and I messed up a build working late last night! That's what happens when I rush things! We had baseball practice till 6, I picked up pizza on the way home and then while rushing around getting everyone fed and then trying to start 2 builds and catch up on emails I typo-ed something and messed it up! UGH!!! Now I've got to do it over and hold everyone up! STINKS! I was up till 11pm working too so it was a long day and I'm tired today now and have a major headache! Oh yeah and it's raining! Yippee!

On another note, I got a surprise in the mail from my pal Lisa on 123. A belated bday present! Paisley stamps that I love!!! Thanks Lisa!!! They are awesome and I can't wait to use them! I've already got something planned out!
Here's a digi page I did yesterday using a kit by Laura Alpuche at A Cherry On Top called ChicChick. It's all my favorite colors. Photos from me opening my presents from Wendy that she had overnighted to the Cape Crop just so the girls could take photos of me opening them! LOL! The page is based on a sketch by Cindy Simon and is available at 123!
And that's about all I've got for you all today! Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hump Day Already?

You know how sometimes the days drag by and others the week just gets ahead of you? Well this is one of those weeks! Easter is Sunday, I have nothing for the boys to wear, no Basket shopping done and we haven't colored our eggs yet. They have been sitting in the fridge all boiled up and ready since Sunday!!! Then it was too nice out and the boys played basketball outside with Michael until dark and it was bedtime, then I had to work late last night, tonight is baseball practice, maybe tomorrow?!

I have a list a mile long and the wood for the floors came in so now it's going to be total chaos in our house! Well it's OK, cause I'm dying to see the finished product! We are doing Maple downstairs, up the stairs and hallway and Bamboo in our bedroom! Can't wait!

So Josh is feeling better today and went to school! Woohoo! I was not looking forward to going home last night as I was afraid of what the status would be. He looked awful, was still very tired and had a bit of a headache but then went to bed nice and early (after napping off and on all day) and when I woke him up this morning he said "I feel all better"! Music to my ears! Now as long as no one else gets it! I even forgot to call the school yesterday to tell them he would be out and I got a call from the Nurse at 11am! OOPS! Well he's there today!

So nothing else exciting going on in my neck of the woods! Hope you all have a Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Double Post Tuesday!!!

I had to separate this one out! Today is Opening Day at Fenway! GO SOX!!! And Ortiz just signed on for another 4 years with Boston! What a day!

Here's hoping for a win home game win today against the Blue Jays! GO RED SOX!!! GO RED SOX!!!!

I Doodled!

Yep, I finally got over the nervousness and just did it. It didn't come out exactly like I saw it in my head but I guess that's the beauty of doodling, it doesn't have too! At least I got over my fear and tried it! My little guy lost both of his front teeth a few days apart. Granted the 2nd one got knocked out with a Basketball but it's pretty cute to see him this way! I took part of this layout design from the latest Scrapbook Trends and the papers are from a 123-Scrap Product Sponsor, Thanks Treehouse! So there is my doodling!

So I'm home again today! This week it's Josh, last week it was Jake! I swear my kids haven't been sick so much in their whole lives as they have been this year! That stinking stomach bug has been making circles in this house! I can't wait till it's warm enough to turn off the heat for good and open up the windows and air this nasty germ infested house out! And I use Lysol all the time and wipe EVERYTHING with those Clorox wipes! Maybe I should let it get really dirty and see if a reverse effect helps! Mom is coming at noon so I can at least go into work for half a day! Thanks Mom!
I finished all 8 layouts using Cindy's new kits! I'm ready to print them out and make my little 123-Scrap Friends album! I'm so excited to see it in it's final form! Cindy did such a great job with these kits and I'm pretty happy with all my pages so I think it's going to be cute! Hopefully I'll get some yellow ink tomorrow and print it out and assemble it by the weekend to share!
OK well I guess I should actually go check on my sick kid! Have a great day!

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Scrapped Last Night!!!

I just love when I get to play! I finished my very last Circle Journal entry! Woohoo! Gonna drop that baby off today and I'm done! I've already got mine back so no more worries in that round!

I scrapped the photos from the night Rachael and Melissa came over to play. I used the new Basic Grey Urban Coture! I love these papers because they have pink and brown in them course!!! I like the way it turned out, I cut out some of the big flowers in on of the papers.
Today I've got to clean! I didn't do it yesterday cause I went shopping in the morning, to a candle party mid day and then baseball practice in the afternoon. Busy day! Jake has practice today but it's at 11:30 and I should be able to finish before them if Michael ever gets out of bed! He never sleeps late tho so he must need it!
Man is the house ever quite! The boys are at Mom's, Michael is sleeping, the cat is not bugging me and all I can hear is my fingers on the keys! I think I may sneak down to the scraproom to fit in one more page! Have a great day!

Friday, April 7, 2006

I Got PINK Crocs!!!

Yep! Donna and Heidi have em and now so do I! And yes they are heaven! They are like walking on air! And yes they are as bright as they look and I LOVE them! Of course getting them out of the store was another story! We went to buy the boys Baseball and Soccer cleats and while they were getting fitted I went over to find my Croc size. When I brought them back over Joshua says "Mama you are NOT getting those!" I say "Yes I am" and with a horrified look on his face he says "But you always look so pretty and those will make you look ugly!" Nice huh? Well that doesn't sway me one bit and at checkout ($262.00 on shoes mind you later) we have a pair of pink Crocs in our bags! And a happy Mama! And yes I am wearing them proudly to work today! And my boys don't want to be seen with me as we get ready to leave the house! LOL! Wonder if that's gonna happen all day? Who cares! Not me! I'm loving these things and my feet are very happy too! So I'm all set if I take any Heidi or Donna classes at CKU Boston (which I doubt either one will even be there)! LOL!
OK well that's all my news for today! I hope you all have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Tagged AGAIN!!!

Rachael has tagged me! The idea behind this tag is that you choose someone your admire or respect and highlight them. All of my good friends pretty much know exactly how I feel about them I think. I am also not going to pick someone out there in the superstar world that wouldn't know me from adam either tho. So who to choose!
There are so many talented people out there in the scrapping world, digi and paper, should I choose one of them? There are also people in my life that might not know how I feel about them, that's just cause I'm not one of those overly gushy people. Don't get me wrong, I will tell you what's on my mind in a heartbeat but usually it's when I'm PO'd! LOL!
So I think I'll talk a bit about Michelle Coleman of I worked with Michelle during my short stint on the Scrappers Anonymous Digital Design Team. She is one talented lady! Her pages are amazing and then wham, she starts designing these gorgeous kits! So she decides to start a business and sell them, and of course I am buying them! I even made my Christmas cards with one of them this year! Her Winter Wonderland kit! It's just stunning! Each and every one of her kits are divinely gorgeous! Oh and she has the most darling little girls which make her pages look even more eye capturing than could be possible! Yeah, and then to make me even more envious, she got to be on one of my all time favorite shows! Extreme Home Makeover chose her and a few other digi scrappers to do an album for one of their families! How cool is that! Yep, shows you how much talent this girl has! So yep, I want to be like Michelle when I grow up! And thanks Michelle for the inspiration! It was an honor to work with you for a short time and it's even more awesome that you are sharing your work with us out in the digi world now! Congrats on your success!
Now as for who I am tagging... Jolene, Jodene, and Rach! Have fun!

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

You Never Know Who Will Read Your Blog!!!

You post along merrily and then one day out of nowhere someone you haven't heard from in years posts a comment! Hey Jay!!!! Where the heck you been girl!!!???? Long time no hear! I've been wondering about you! So blogging can bring back long lost friends! Look at that!

So did you see all the drama at ACOT yesterday? Boy am I glad I was not involved in that! Jeesh, I have shopped there a couple of times because Rachael told me about the site when she got on the Creative team but it looks like I'll stay away from now on. I so hate DRAMA and I avoid it at all costs!

So Cindy's got a new set of kits coming out on Friday! The Friendship Collection! It Rocks!!!
She made a kit named for each of us on the faculty at 123-Scrap and it has so much thought in it that I have no idea how she can have so much talent! I have used 4 of the kits so far. I'm creating a mini 8x8 album with it doing a page of each girl with their kit. So far it's coming out pretty cool I think. So Thanks much Cindy You are the BEST!!!
OK, off to work! Have a great day!

Monday, April 3, 2006

DST Stinks!

So who thought this was a good idea? Why can't we just leave it alone! Everyone was tired today! As if Monday's aren't bad enough! And of course the shower clock didn't get changed so it said 4am when I got in there, that made me feel really good! LOL! I do love that the days are longer but it takes me like a week to get used to that one hour! And the boys (including the big boy) are grouchy for even longer!
Man what a gorgeous weekend! Spring gave us a taste and now it's gonna rain and possibly snow! First baseball practice is tonight too! And RED SOX opening day is today!! Woohoo!!! Go SOX!!! I am hoping for a good season even though their spring training looked very bad! I do love baseball, so glad both boys are playing this year, hope we have a good season! Josh still has no clue what team he is on but Jake is on the Marlins and has got a great coach so that's a good start! He's really looking forward to it! I'm looking foward to more baseball photos! As if I don't have plenty to scrap. This is Josh's first year playing so there should be some great boredom shots! LOL!
OK well not a heck of a lot to say today so better get off here and get to it! Happy Monday!