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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010


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Headed to Maine

The boys and I are headed to Maine this weekend. We are going to spend the weekend with my SIL and family which will be fun but unfortunately I am not going there for the purpose of fun. It’s been a rough week for bad news for me. A fellow blogger lost her 20 year old son very suddenly last Thursday.  I’m not sure when I started reading Hallie’s blog but it was some time ago. When CJ went down to his training in FL we sent him care packages and grocery cards to get him fed well until he came home. And when he was going to be deployed to war we prayed for his safe return and I think when he got injured in training and ended up coming home more than a few of us were thankful that one mom didn’t have to worry about her son over there. I’ve told Hallie I’m going to meet her in person one of these days when I’m up in Maine since she lives 1/2 an hour from my SIL  since we’ve only talked via email and blog, I never thought it would be under these circumstances. But I want to go and support this wonderful family I’ve come to know and love via this amazing WWW any way I can.

When I get back I’ll have to deal with the second unexpected and unexplained death I heard of this week. Our Colonel in my squadron at work lost his beautiful 41 year old wife on Monday night while they were traveling back from a conference. It was a huge shock to our group. For those of you that don’t have a military background, it’s like a family and because we all knew Donna from her coming to all of our squadron events we were all effected in some way. The funeral will be tomorrow in Colorado so none of us can attend and we will just have to wait see the Colonel when he gets back to work on Wednesday. It’s not going to be good, they were a beautiful, and very happily married couple with a 19 yo daughter.

If you can spare them please send prayers for both of these families.