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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Happy Hump Day!!!

What an exciting Wed! Well some of it happened yesterday but I already posted my blog updates so I get to talk about it today!!! My good friend Cindy Simon debuted her very first Digi Kit at! It's a great kit called Manhattan Loft. Congrats to Cindy and may your new venture in the digi world be very successful!
Second big news was that Sweet Shoppe Designs opened up today, two friends Rachael Giallongo and the afore mentioned Cindy Simon are on the Creative Team there!!! Go Cindy and Rachael! I went over to check the site out first thing and bought 5 kits! They have some awesome deals for their grand opening and some wonderful designers!!! And of course seeing Rachael's and Cindy's wonderful work didn't hurt to help me spend! ;)
So I'm off to finish downloading all my new stuff so I can do some digi pages! ;) Have a great day!

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Rachael Giallongo said...

You are too funny! I thought you were leaving digi behind!? LOL Maybe we will have to wrestle Cindy for some laptop time down at the cape. :)