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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Scrappy Post

Spent some time in my scraproom the past few days. Got 50 St. Patrick’s Day cards made for the soldiers and 4 pages done. I forgot how long it takes to do a page now. I used to be able to do a page in 1/2 an hour, now it takes me more like 2 hours to finish one! At this point I should be done scrapping the last few years in about 2020 or so!  But here are the pages I did get done…

snow doga boy and his frog july 4th 2010 sox

I’m off to see my cousin, her husband and their new baby today, then to a football party with friends but I hope to do some more scrapping tomorrow since I have the day off. With two snow days and a compressed work week this week I have had 7 days off in a row after tomorrow so it’s going to be hard to get back into the swing of things on Tuesday for sure!

Have a great Sunday! Thanks for reading and looking!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2011! I hope it’s a fabulous year for all of you! I can’t really complain about 2010 so I’m not sad to see it go or anything but we’ve got some exciting things going on for 2011 so I’m welcoming it as well. We had a very quiet but wonderful Christmas and New Year here and I hope everyone out there had enjoyable holiday’s as well. I got very spoiled as always and while I only asked for a Cricut Expression which I got with several cartridges, and a travel case (in pink and brown no less) I also got an iPad with accessories, and a beautiful and BIG Pink Sapphire ring (this thing has to be like 5 karats). Which I have tried and tried to take a photo of but I can’t do it justice. Here is the best one I’ve got but I really think I need a dark background for it…

IMG_0551 I just love this ring! I have to have it cut down so I’m wearing it on my middle finger right now and it’s still big but I just can’t take it off!

We also celebrated Mom’s birthday in December, she turned 68…


and Sadie turned 2…


We got a blizzard with about 10 inches of snow right AFTER Christmas…


Oh and we got a second Christmas tree for the garage! (I didn’t take this photo a friend took it with his cell phone as he was leaving our house one night). The garage is almost done! I am loving that I can park in there and not have to clean snow off my car. Still getting used to going in and out though so I go very slow! Can’t wait to start the family room planning in the spring!


So today I have two friends (Denise B and Pam L) coming over that I haven’t seen in ages! I ran into them at a Tim Holtz class where I made this:

IMG_0552 Denise and Pam are coming over to help me sort the ridiculous pile of cards for soldiers I have to send out this week. I must have a good 5000 cards in my basement! I ran into them as they were checking out at Absolutely Everything as they had taken Tim’s class prior to the one I was taking and so we decided to get together and I can’t wait to spend some time with them as it’s been TOO long! Should be a great day of catching up! And once all these cards are out in the mail next weekend I plan to break in my cricut making more cards and maybe scrapping too because I don’t have a lack of photos as you can see (and I didn’t even share a quarter of them)!

So I hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend and Happy New Year!