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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

ERs are Quiet on Tuesday!

Well at least the one I went to this morning was! I walked in, was the only one in the waiting room, went right in and was out in 2 1/2 hours and that was with an EKG, Chest X-Ray and all kinds of blood work! Yep, thought I was having a heart attack! Had chest pain and pain in my left arm this morning and yesterday so decided to call the doc. It wasn't major pain but enough to scare me since it happened more than once. He sent me over to the ER and all the tests came back fine except for some muscle problem in my back! Weird that muscle problems in my back could cause chest and arm pain but heck I'll take it! :) At 39 I'm not ready for a heart problem!
So the coolest thing happened last night! We are doing a Cards for the Soldiers campaign over on You can see the details of the first round here: Well the first round had 350 cards and they were all gone in 2 hours!!! Amazing! last night I got an email from a soldier who received some of our cards from her fiance (she is in a different battalion than her fiance) and loved what we were doing. So much so that she asked if we would be willing to send cards to her battalion too! How cool is that! Very cool but we need more cards! So if you can get the word out to anyone I'd so appreciate it! Send all your scrappy friends over to the thread above to make handmade cards to send over to the troops PLEASE!!! Thanks a million!!!
OK, thats about all I can handle for one day! Have a great one!

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Rachael Giallongo said...

Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't scare me like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you are okay! You are definitely much too young for chest pain!