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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Good Sunday Mornin'!

Well the snow has stopped finally! We got another 5 inches or so yesterday! Winter can go away anytime now! Michael is out plowing again so he is happy! The alarm went off at 3:15am and since I went to bed from scrapping at 11:30pm that was not a fun thing to hear! Well I never heard him get out of bed so I guess I went right back to sleep! LOL!
I cleaned house and then scrapped most of the afternoon since the boys went to mom's house. I got 44 Cards for Soldiers done!!! Way cool! I hope to do some more this morning before the LSS opens. Have to run over to get some stuff to do some page samples with new CHA stuff! FUN!
Vacation next week for the boys, I feel bad because I can't take any time off. One of the guys I work with is going to FL and I am off the most of the following week for the Cape. Oh well, I'm sure the daycare has good stuff planned for them anyway. Good thing they love going there! Mom took them to see the Pink Panther (well actually Joshua paid for them to go!) He's such a good kid! Used his xmas money and treated them all. I guess they thought it was funny, thank goodness I didn't have to take them because it didn't look funny to me!
OK, off to take a shower since I have told you everything going on with me! Have a great day!


Rachael Giallongo said...

I am not looking forward to Pink Panther, either! Yuck!

And how about that 50 car pile up on 93 yesterday!? Crazy what a little snow can do!

Cindy said...

I'm with you guys, we're giving the Pink Panther a pass. I heard bad things about Doogal too, but we loved Nanny McPhee. What a good boy to treat his grandma and brother!! Rebecca likes to do stuff like that too, just warms the heart eh?

Sorry about your snow. :( Not much longer, I hope.

Jolene George said...

ummm yeah...I'd be passing on the pink panther too. Not my kind of movie.
you speak of snow??? Snow has moisture in it right? We need moisture. I think we're up to 136 days with no rain. They say we have a SLIGHT chance of rain tomorrow. All I can say is show me the money!