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Saturday, July 17, 2010

We got a Boat!

Well I should say we got a bigger boat, because we’ve had a little 18 footer for about 8 years now. I’ve hated that little boat since we got it because I always thought it was too small for the ocean and it made me nervous. It was fine for bringing up to the lake to take the boys tubing and such but out on the ocean I always felt like we were going to die!

Anyway fast forward to last month when Michael sends me this text pic that says I found my father’s day present…0611100636a

One thing led to another and we bought it. It’s a 24’ Rampage and it’s much nicer than our old free 18’ boat. It’s got a cuddy cabin that sleeps 2 and a toilet! So Michael picked it up on Wednesday and we went out on it for our first time yesterday to see some whales and do a little fishing.

We headed out to a place called Jeffrey’s Ledge off of Newburyport, MA and before we got there we saw this:

IMG_9357Unfortunately it is the only photo I got because it was rough out there and every time we were able to spot one they were down so fast I couldn’t get the shot. We saw about 5-6 throughout the day and it was very exciting. The best was the tail shot that I missed and wished I could have got but maybe next time!

Then we set up for some fishing. This was Josh’s first time with a big deep sea rod so he needed a lesson from dad first:

 IMG_9362 IMG_9363 IMG_9359

He immediately hooked on to something and had to reel it in all the way from 150 feet of water…

IMG_9364 IMG_9365 IMG_9366

And was very excited to catch his first shark!

IMG_9368 IMG_9369 IMG_9370

No photo of Josh holding his catch because sharks are not welcome on the boat! They are a boatload of trouble (pun intended)! ;)

Then it was off to do some more fishing on mouth of the river hoping to catch some dinner. The only thing we caught was the tail of a whale watching boat that we followed out to another place called Stellwagen Bank. This is where it was a real rough ride but we got to see a bunch more whales so it was worth it sort of (I’ll leave the gory details out). Unfortunately because of the roughness no photos, I couldn’t even stand up, never mind hold my camera!

We headed back in before it got too late and the boys decided to stop to fish for a bit. This is where my stomach decided it did not have much more tolerance for the rough seas and had enough! I’ll just say this was my first and hopefully last experience with sea sickness! LOL!  They did catch two fish before I said we needed to get back to dry land.  I’ve been out on boats many times before and haven’t had this lovely experience so I hope it’s a one time thing or I won’t be enjoying the boat as much as the rest of the family I guess!

So there you have the tales of our first experience on our new boat!