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Friday, February 10, 2006


A flipping foot of snow is headed our way! I so hope they are wrong! Yeah Rachael I know you love it! Well I do not! For those of you who don't already know I do not like winter at all, I would not live in New Hampshire if I had my way I would live in sunny Florida! My husband has my house torn apart and now will be gone all weekend plowing so will get nowhere on that and I have 4 house guests coming in less than 1 month! YIKES!!!
Oh and now to recap my day yesterday! Poor Jake, we started off the day saying he was going to school, well that all ended when he tried to get his shoes on! Which I told him wheh he was getting ready was never gonna happen! But what do I know? So then it was a trip to the peditrician who then tried to get whatever was under his nail out, oh well that didn't go over too well. So she made us another appointment with a podiatrist. OK that went even worse!! Poor kid! Had to have some really cold stuff sprayed on his toe to pre-numb him, he did not like this at all, was very shaken up and then came the three shots of novicane. OK I felt like the WORSE mother in the UNIVERSE putting him through all that. I could not console him at all. He was very upset and even bit his tongue hard enough to make it bleed he was so scared! I could have cried but I wanted to keep him calm so I tried to keep talking to him and get his mind off of it. He ended up having a 1/4" long splinter under his toenail! Nasty!!! So now that it's out they think he will feel much better and that maybe the toe isn't even broken afterall! That was probably what was causing all the pain!
We did finally get out to celebrate Michael's birthday too, went and had a great dinner at a great Prime Rib place and the night ended on a good note with cake at home! :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday and an uneventful weekend! Over and Out!


Cindy said...

I saw the weather this morning Pam, and we could get up to a foot as well out here on the island. Ugh. Oh well, at least it's the weekend and the kids can do some more sledding before the winter's over. I'm glad we ordered that extra wood now! :) I hope you don't get stuck inside too much.

Poor Jakey! The splinter thing sounds really disgusting but at least it's OUT now and maybe he can get some relief. Give him a little hug for me.

Rach said...

OMGosh a 1/4" splinter? Youch! I hope his little toe heals quickly now, and the swelling goes down so he can actually put shoes on. LOL Sorry, but I can't imagine the poor guy going out in a foot of snow in sandals.

Sounds like dinner was a hit. Prime Rib .. mmmmmm!

Jodene said...

Poor Jake! I hope that he is feeling much better now.
And I am glad that Michael had a nice birthday. Please pass on my belated birthday wishes.

Rachael Giallongo said...

Awwwwww, poor little guy! Glad its finally out, though!


Rach said...

How's the snow storm going, Pam?
You snowed in today?