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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whirlwind Update

Phew it’s been a busy few weeks! We had one kiddo turn 11 on a Monday


Then on Wednesday the 2nd kiddo turned 14! Where has the time gone?

281_8195Then Friday I got a call from the School Nurse saying kiddo #2 had a 102 temp 20 minutes before school got out and he could not ride the bus that we had to come pick him up. Well I work 50 minutes away from school with NO traffic and hubby was about an hour away so we asked if she planned on staying there until we got there, guess what her answer was? You guessed right. Luckily we had a neighbor home who was willing to go get him. I rushed home and took him right to the immediate care to get him tested for the flu since she said a lot of the 5th grade as well as a bunch of teachers were out with it.   We were at the doctor’s within about an hour and 40 minutes. Poor kid was miserable and just wanted to be home in bed, but they took his temp it was 99.8! The doc said with no meds there is no way it could have gone down that much. I’m thinking the nurse needs a new thermometer. He was sick and did run a temp of around 100-101 all weekend but was better by Monday. He did miss Trick-or-Treat though so was very unhappy about that.

Jake on the other hand did not miss it. I thought he was too old to go out but since all his friends were going who was I to argue. He dressed up as an old lady. We had fun shopping at the Goodwill store for his clothes! He was pretty funny!

281_8198 Our pumpkins never got carved since Josh wasn’t up to it and Jake didn’t care so they sat like that on the porch instead. Kind of a bummer but I didn’t miss the mess at all!

I passed my mid-term thankfully. I didn’t get the A I wanted but no one in the class got an A so I guess I’ll be happy with the B. At least I know what to expect on the Final. Now I have to work on my project. Maybe I can get an A on that! This teacher is tough!\

Oh and I just have to show you how big my puppy is! She’s not a puppy anymore, she’s 10 months and looks like a full grown dog. She is the sweetest thing too! I couldn’t ask for a better dog!

281_8175 And speaking of that, I promised her a walk so I’m outta here! Have a great day!