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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lots of News

Warning!!! Photo heavy post!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since that first day at the beach! It seems like so long ago because so much has happened!

I only got that one day at the beach and then had to go further north back up to the hospital as my Father-in-Law took a turn for the worse. He passed away on July 7th. It was a very rough two weeks between the week in the hospital and another week of services since we had one in Maine and another in Mass. I’ve known my Father-in-Law since I was 16, longer than I knew my own father so it was pretty hard to lose him. He was an amazing man with many wonderful qualities.


My friend Karen who moved to Florida 6 years ago came back for a vacation and we took a day off to spend the day in Boston with them. We went on the Fenway tour, walked around Boston for a bit, ate and then went to a Red Sox game. It was a great day and my only real vacation day this summer! The Sox won thanks to Ellsbury!

IMG_1839We went in to the game early to watch batting practice. That was pretty cool until Terry Francona yelled at me for throwing my ball at him, which was an accident totally out of excitement but he was very angry and I was very embarrassed! I have never seen the term took my ball and ran home used in that sense before then!

Got some great shots of one of my favorites…

IMG_1735    IMG_1863

My other favorites, Beckett and Varitek were not around that night. But Wakefield was starting pitcher. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to finish although he did well so we didn’t get to celebrate his 200th win!


I got a bunch of good photos on the tour too…


Like I said, it was a great day!

Also, after seventeen years in the same job field I’ve decided to take a leap and switch career fields! I gave notice with the company I’ve been with on base for the last 3 years on Thursday and am going to be starting with a new company also on Hanscom but doing more Acquisition/Program Management type work instead. It’s a huge change and kind of crazy at my age but due to a lot of crap I’ve been dealing with at work I decided that was what was best for me.  I will not have to have any supervisory duties, will make the same money and get 5 more days of leave so I am pretty happy! I have two weeks left, one of which I will be away on business in San Antonio, TX for so things will be pretty hectic.

Third thing is Jake started playing football. Not my favorite thing because one, I know nothing about football and two not the safest sport out there. After two weeks of doubles you should see his arms! He looks like an abused kid! But he likes it so far. His position is Defensive End. That’s all I know! They had their first scrimmage yesterday, which they lost unfortunately, but good news is the Varsity team won theirs! And of course I have photos…

IMG_1961    IMG_1958    IMG_1972

So I think that’s all the good stuff! Take Care!