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Friday, February 24, 2006

Fab Friday!

I love Friday! The end of the workweek and the start of the weekend! Its going to be another busy one but that's OK! I have 3 circle journals to work on! Thanks Rachael! ;) And more home improvments but that is so much fun because I am loving the outcome!!! And Michael and I haven't killed each other yet, another bonus!
Two weeks from today and we will be at the Cape and with Cindy!!! Woohoo! I am sooo excited to finally meet her in person!!! Over THREE years of my life I have talked with this girl over the internet or on the phone almost every day! Man thats a long time to be friends an have never met in person!!! Cindy you better be ready for some craziness girl! ;)
I got some fun big white wooden letters to spell out the word SCRAP for my scraproom wall at Michaels last night. They are probably 12" and already painted so I can just hang them and do nothing with them! I love them! I have purple walls and white trim so I'm happy! I already have the CREATE letters that I altered so I'm thinking these will be just fine as is. I'm gonna hang them tonight to see, if not I can always alter them later. Once I get the new Chatterbox purple papers! ;) Last thing I want to do is get a long white shelf and put all my ribbons in mason jars. I love that look for color! Well decorating last thing that is! I still want to get cabinets and an island and remove the table. But that's for much later.
OK, gotta get to work! Have a great day and an awesome weekend!


Rachael Giallongo said...

Hey, where are you girls shopping & drinking Thursday night? I may have to crash the party so I can meet Cindy and the girls! Oh, and I would like you to call me with Cindy's mailing address! I will explain why when you call! :)

Cindy said...


Pam, I am SO ready for some grownup lady silliness!!