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Sunday, February 5, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away!

Well I guess it could be worse, it could be the dreaded SNOW!!! But man, if it were snow we'd be burried! And at least it's washing away some of this white stuff! LOL! I can see grass on my yard now!
So the shopping trip was pretty uneventful, no luck on a futon, they cost about $850 so we know what we'll be spending at least but we did not find one we wanted. Also, no decision on the flooring yet because, no surprise here, we could not agree. I want Maple, Michael wants Red Oak. He thinks Maple is too light, well our house is so stinking dark I thought light flooring would be a great idea! Oh and we got paint samples, I love the colors, Michael thinks they are too bright, see a pattern here? Yep, we are opposites in every sense of the word!!! I did find a gorgeous bookshelf and chair I wanted for my office but of course that was not what we were shopping for so they stayed at the store! :(
I did some serious scrapping this weekend with the CHA samples, I brought 4 layouts and a card to the store yesterday and I did three more last night! I love when I can be productive! I did do pretty simple pages but I think people like that more than the really detailed layouts when they are looking at store samples, at least I hope so! Tomorrow I'll spend some time on my Digi Layouts for my February assignments.
Well off to do the cleaning and laundry I didn't do yesterday. Have a great day everyone!


Rachael Giallongo said...

Wow, you are on fire girl! I got ZERO scrapping done yesyerday! Thats a surprise, huh? LOL

Rach said...

And your layouts rock too! I think people like to see simple too as they don't have much time to hang around the store soaking in all the details, besides it makes it easier for me to CASE too. ;)

Sorry you didn't make any headway on your reno colours, etc. Why do men even care what the house looks like, don't they know it's OUR domain? lol JUST kidding of course. :P