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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Kristi Smith!

This girl makes me laugh almost every day!


Have a great day and thanks for being such a great blogging bud! I wish I could come spend your bday with you! :) HUGS!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

What Do I Do with Myself?

My boys are gone to Maine to spend the week with my in-laws on the lake and my good buds Rachael and Cindy are on vacation all week. What am I gonna do with myself without them to chat on the phone with and my boys to keep me occupied? Does anyone want to come and visit so my house isn't so quiet? LOL! It was so strange after Michael left this morning. I had no one to tell, "brush your teeth, wash your face, put some sunblock on", no lunches to make, and the house was eerie! You'd think I'd be doing the happy dance but I'm not! LOL!
Maybe I'll get some scrapping in! I've got to get to Staples for more in though because my printer ran out of Photo Magenta and Black yesterday. I had black but no PM! Dang I hate that! I'm gonna buy one of every color so I have them on hand! The one thing I am going to look forward to is if I need to stop and do any shopping this week I can and won't have to worry about being late for daycare pickup! Oh and I was folding laundry this morning because I was ready with 45 minutes to spare! So that's a plus! But I can't wait till Friday when we'll be heading up to Maine to see the boys.
Oh and I just talked to them both and they are having a blast already! It seems that my oldest Jake and his cousin Joey (there are 4 boys up there) were playing Tether Ball and that Jake may have given Joey a black eye already! So the excitement has already started! They are off to go tubing very soon (something I don't want to think about) becae it's a gorgeous day already up there. Funny it's pouring here!
Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Need a favor please!

This guy is in a battle of the bands and is the best friend of my son's awesome guitar teacher. I'm trying to help him get to first place. He's in 2nd right now. If you wouldn't mind can you go here:
Click on the "Vote" part of the image in the middle of the screen.
Scroll down until you see Tim Cannon and vote pretty please!
Thanks in advance! You all rock!
Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I Paper Scrapped!

And it felt good! Of course it wasn't even a page for me! Chris needed someone else to scrap her photo for a challenge she is in and since she was visiting and had her camera with photos of her son on it we figured it was the pefect time to do a page! So then I got the bug of course but I just did that one page and then we took the boys to the lake for a swim. When I got home I went for a walk with Josh and then it was dinner time and after dinner I was too tired to do anything so that one page is it for me I guess! So here is the page I did for Chris:

Chris and I had a nice but too short visit. I picked her up on Sat about 1ish and we went to AC Moore (paper was 40% off) and got some cool stuff, then she took me out to lunch and then we stopped at Wally World so she could stock up on some adhesive she can't get at home and then we went back to my house for Pomegranet Martini's! YUM. I think I've converted Chris from a wine drinker! ;) So although I got to spend 24 hours with her I'm glad she's coming back next month too! CA is just too far for one of your best friends to live!
And now it's Monday morning and time for work so have a great day all!

Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Friday!

Woohoo! I was a bit under the weather yesterday but I am feeling a bit better today and I'm so glad the weekend is almost here. Just a few hours at work and two glorious days off! I am hoping to make it to my scrapbook room maybe at some point, other than to clean it before Chris comes! LOL! I really am cranking out the digi pages but its' just not the same! I need to get my hands dirty! :)

In the digi news, I did do three girly pages this week though! I love doing girly pages! I signed up for 3 photo swaps just so I could do them! And I totally hate doing swaps! I always stress doing someone elses photos! But at least with digi if the photo owner doesn't like the page they just delete it. It's hard to throw away all that awesome paper stuff if you don't like the page! ;)
Anyway, I swapped photos with girls from Shawna's CT and Traci's CT. I ended up with two on Traci's team because we had an uneven swap amount, and guess what, I was good with that, more girl photos for me! LOL! Here are the three pages I did:
First is Laura McGee's niece Hailey, she's a cute little blond! I used Traci Reed's Vibrant kit for this one:

Second was a photo of Meghan (flirtatousbrat)'s gorgeous daughter. And I barely even used pink on this one! I know I shocked myself too! LOL! I lifted this design from my good friend Cindy!

And lastly I got to do Maria LaFrance's adorable daughter Piper! So cute!

I actually finished 9 pages this week since Saturday! Not bad! I can't finish 9 pages at a weekend long crop when I do paper pages! LOL!
So that's it for me, I'll be back on Sunday or Monday! Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Gotcha Page

The Digi Chick had a great weekend full of challanges and awesome prizes this weekend. I ended up winning two gift certificates from it. One for Natalie Braxton's store and one to The Digi Chick store so that was even better! Anyway, one of the challenges was to download a stock photo and make up a story about it. I knew exactly what photos I wanted to search for on Stock.xchng and had a lot of fun with my page. Here it is:

I also did a bunch of other things from the challenges they had, it was a very productive weekend digi wize. Granted my paper scrapping has really been slacking! I need to get down to my room and soon before I forget how! Plus there will be so much dust down there from lack of use I'll actually have to clean it! ;)

I get to see my good friend Chris this weekend so I'm very excited about that. Unfortunately it's not for a happy occasion that she is coming all the way from California, her Gram died and the funeral is back here. I am sorry about her Gram but she did live a very long life of 99 years and I'm very happy that she's coming to spend a day and night with me on Saturday! Can't wait! Not sure what we are gonna do but it will be great no matter what!
So that's it with me so far this week. I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Digi Deal!

I know I'm a hardcore paper scrapper but I haven't been able to get into my scraproom for awhile (other than some hybrid projects) so yes, I'm talking more digi here!

If you haven't already, you need to go and sign up for Traci Reed's newsletter.

Go here:

You get this kit for FREE and a different free kit every month just for signing up! How cool is that?

And you should also run over and check out the big sale Shawna is having! She's retiring a bunch of stuff and pretty much her whole store is on sale right now!
So not much else new here, did a couple of challenge pages for The Hawt Mama's Blog Challenge. An AAM page which I'm so not good at and also my Hybrid project is over there too. And that's about it.
So happy Hump Day! Have a great one!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

It's Saturday!

Man I hate short weeks, especially with a day off in the middle, they seem so darn long! I didn't think Saturday would ever get here! I woke up bright and early this morning and while everyone was still asleep I had my coffee and did a couple of digi pages. Credits can be seen here:

Credits Here:

And once everyone wakes up I'm going to clean the house and then go out and do some yardwork if the rain stays away. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 90's so I want to get it all done today.

And that's it for now. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Back Bloggin!

Hello all you out there in blogland! First off all can I just send out each one of you that has commented and kept me in your thoughts a HUGE hug! Thank you all so so much! It has meant a tremendous amount to me to have such awesome friends!

I'm still working out a lot of stuff but the last month has definitely seen some changes. First with the 6" I cut off of my hair! I have had the same hairstyle for 25 years and decided it was time for a change.
Now to lose this weight I've put on and work through some of my other issues.

I was accepted to two new Creative Teams, two of my dream teams as a matter of fact!
Shawna Clingerman most likely got sick of me and just let me in I've applied every time she's had a call and was even guest for her at the end of last year. I've been a huge fan of her work since I discovered Digi Scrapping.

Traci Reed also invited me to be part of her 'Altered' CT. I have also been a huge fan of Traci's since I discovered her stuff. AND I get to digi and paper scrapping at the same time! I made my first altered project this past weekend for the Team Blog go and check it out, instructions are included and you paper scrappers can just use your scrapping stuff! ;)

So that's what's up with me since my last post. I just want to say thanks again for sticking it out with me!

Have a great 4th of July!