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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Woohoo! I've got a new Blog Title!

Thanks to my good pal Rachael Giallongo for the help with the template editing to get it up! I've used some elements from the Eternal Hope kit from Natural Designs in Scrapbooking and Martini's At Midnight Alpha by Anita Stergiou to design it. I am loving it! The Eternal Hope kit has a great purpose, it's proceeds go to kids with Cancer so all you digi scrappers go here to get it:

We had a 2 hour school delay so I'm going to work a bit late. The roads are very isy and the news reports are that cars are slipping and sliding everywhere so I am waiting it out! I know with an H3 you'd think I'd go thru anything but unless you have studded snow tires nothing gets thru ice!

So now that the hummer is defrosted I'm off to try the roads! Have a great day!

Sunday, January 29, 2006


I woke up at 5:30 today so I decided to scrap a bit before everyone woke up. Michael and I had plans to paint the den. When he got up, he asked for my help moving my desk and then said I could go back down to the basement for an hour or 2 while he did the taping and prep work. Then he came down awhile later and told me he would do the whole thing himself and I could keep scrapping!!! What a guy! So I got a 2 page layout done and a single page. I also did two quilling projects using sponsor stuff! I actually used 3 sponsor products today! Woohoo! Now I'm working on my NYOBC layout. I have to decide which "BIG" picture I want to print out. The papers are a bit busy but I think I'll like them with what I have planned.

Michael took the boys Geocaching again. They had a blast yesterday. I told them I will go with them when the weather gets nicer. Fair weather person that I am! :)

So again the weekend is too short and it's coming to a close but it has been great so far! Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Here I am on the puter again!

I'm supposed to be cleaning, I've got some done but this darn computer, I think it calls to me! Michael and the boy's went out Geocaching (yep that's a real thing) and they should be gone awhile. It's a pretty warm day so I can hope! I need to finish this house so I can go down to the scraproom and play myself!

We are probably gonna do some painting tomorrow. I am having some company in March (see yesterday's post) so I want to get this mess of a house in much nicer shape! I also need to buy a futon and an air mattress so they actually have a place to sleep!

So they were predicting a heck of a snowstorm for us on Tuesday but now it looks like it may not be too bad! I hope not, I'm gonna watch the weather constantly to be prepared tho! I so hate snow!!! Someday I'll get to Florida to live! If not I'll at least buy a burial plot there!

OK I guess I better scoot and go finish what I'm supposed to be doing! Have a great Saturday!

Friday, January 27, 2006


WOOHOO!!! I live for Fridays I think! I need to actually start playing the lottery so I can have a chance at winning the darn thing so I can stop this work gig and scrap all day! ;) Well at least while my kids are in school! I have so many ideas running around in my head right now (well actually for once I wrote them all down) and I want to play!!!

Gotta clean the house! Can you believe my vacuum broke! I have mom bringing hers over tomorrow (have to do her hair in exchange) so I can use it until our replacement part comes in. It's a part for the rug attachment so at least I can do the floors with mine. But last week had to skip over the rugs! YUCK!! I hate not having my whole house clean at once! I clean the house top to bottom every Sat and last week was when it broke. I was not happy! Yep I'm anal if you haven't already figured that out about me! ;)

So does anyone know where the heck January went? I can't believe Monday is the 31st already! Granted I'm not complaing! I am rushing March to be here! Cindy, Carol, Chris and Andrea are all coming to town and I so can't wait!! We are going to the Lighthouse Scrapbooking Croppin on the Cape for the weekend but first Carol, Chris and Andrea will be at my house on Thurs and also on Monday! I get to spend a whole 5 days with them!!!! So February, be my guest to speed on by! ;) I can't wait for March! Well except for the turning (shhhhhhh) 40 part!

OK enough of my babbling for one Friday! Have a great day!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday and Counting!

Phew, it's almost Friday!!! I have so much to do this weekend! I need to box up all the sponsor stuff for the girls and get it in the mail and start working with the stuff myself! I did so much organizing in my room on Saturday and Sunday that I didn't get any scrapping done last weekend! Working full time really takes a toll on my scrap time! Jeesh!

So is anyone else watching Idol? I missed it on Tuesday because I was at my book club meeting but I watched last night. I swear I've got to lighten up! I know that they put the bad ones on there to make us laugh but I just feel so bad for them when they are so heartbroken! I mean the ones that say I'll be back and whatnot I could care less but those poor people that really think they can sing because they make in in front of the judges and they get laughed at is just so sad!!!
Does anyone else feel this way or am I just lame?
And how about LOST? I just don't know what to think about Charley! And Kate, what the heck, does she have a thing for Sawyer or Jack? Will they just get the plot going on that one already! I watch all of two shows on TV as you can see and they both really get to my blood pressure! I guess I shouldn't pick two that are on in the same night for health reasons huh?

Well the snow finally stopped here in New England and we might get some nice weather over the weekend for the boys to have fun in the snow. I'm hoping we can finally take them sledding at one of the ski hills! We've been promising them for a couple of weeks! Notice I didn't say skiing! That's because I don't ski! Where will I be, in the lodge, or taking photos, I won't even get a tube for sledding (if you don't know I HATE winter). I'll bring a really good book, my camera, and enjoy the "Me" time! Hmmm, wonder if they have tables big enough to scrap at in the lodge
OK, it's time to go to work! Have a great day! Cya tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tagged (thanks Rach!)

1)Four jobs you have had in your life.
High School Worked in a Bakery
Hair Dresser
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Release Engineer

2)Four Movies you could watch over and over
Wizard of Oz
Sound of Music
Dirty Dancing
I'm sure there are more current ones but of course I can't think of any right now!

3)Four places you have lived
New Hampshire

Being an Air Force Brat, there are more but it only said 4! ;)

3)Four TV shows you love to watch
American Idol
Extreme Home Makeover - when I rememember it's on.

I'm lame, I don't watch much TV!

4)Four places you have been on vacation
Orlando, FL
Melbourne, FL
New Smyrna Beach, FL
York Beach, ME

I like FL what can I say!

5)Four websites you visit daily (imagine that)

6)Four favourite Foods
Roast Beef
Eggs Benedict

7)Four places you would rather be right now
Cape Cod with Andrea, Chris, Carol and Cindy! ;)
Anywhere warm (it's snowing again!)

8)Four bloggers you are taggin.

Gee I'll be amazed if I can find 4 people that read my blog that haven't been tagged!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday Blues

Feels like Monday! I worked yesterday but from home due to a nice snowstorm! ICK! We got about 8" and no snow is too much for me! So the boys had no school and I was totally unprepared (I mean I had barely enough milk in the house for breakfast) so I couldn't send them to daycare with nothing to pack for lunch plus I really hate to drive in the snow since I totalled my Jeep anyway. Hummer or no Hummer! ;)

I did get to scrap a bit! We lost power at work for a couple of hours and since I organized my new paper racks all day on Sunday I really wanted to scrap! I have one for cardstock and one for pattern paper and man do these things rock! I finished Lisa's page and I got a page done using some new sponsor products from 3 Bugs in a Rug! Their stuff is so fun! I have got to get more from the LSS tonight, I hope it's in!
Then power came back on and it was back to work. :( We got to see Michael for about 20 minutes at dinner he worked from 7 am until 11:30 pm plowing so he's mighty tired today!
Tonight is NYOBC! We're reviewing Rachael and Melissa's Office Book! Course Idol is on too! Gonna have to rush this meeting! LOL! I need TIVO!!! I did love this book and not just cause I happen to know the authors either! But that did help! ;) No really Rachael and Melissa are very talented and their work in one book is just an awesome thing to have! OK you girls owe me now! Yeah right as if everyone is reading this blog!
OK so if anyone IS reading this blog and has had or has a 10yo boy with an ATTITUDE I need some help with mine!!! If I don't get some soon I'm gonna kill him or myself! I swear he's got a split personality! One minute he's the best kid in the world and the next he's the most hateful person I've ever seen! Is it possible to go through puberity at 10? HELP!!!!
Well since I am supposed to be working I better get back to it! Break's over! Have a great day!