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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scary Stuff

So Jake spent the night at a friends house Friday night and they went to his sister’s soccer game here in town. The field is set back behind some houses and there are woods and a stream around it. Jake and his friend decided to kill some time walking around the woods near the stream and come upon this:

092609_14581Jake thinks' it’s a toy so goes to pick it up and realizes it’s a bit too heavy to be a toy so puts it right back where he finds it! They head back out to his friends mom, who immediately takes them to the police station to make a report. It turns out its a loaded handgun! Seriously, in my little tiny hick town! What scares me the most is that this could have turned out so differently. I’m very proud of my son and thankful that nothing bad happened with such a dangerous weapon so close at hand to a place where many children are every weekend.  I have to say that I am still sick to my stomach thinking about how things could have been!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Makes Me Smile

I couldn’t even move like this in my 20’s and this lady is 62!!!


We are off to Gaucho’s with some friends for dinner tonight and then I plan on a rainy day full of sorting cards for soldiers so have a fabulous rest of the weekend!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My New Curtain

Chris reminded me that I hadn’t posted a photo of my new curtain in the scraproom! I can’t believe I forgot since it’s the cutest addition to my newly renovated room! Chris made this out of the fabric I covered the chairs in. She is so talented! Oh how I wish I could sew on something other than paper! Look how cute…


Thank you Chris!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tim Holtz!

I had the pleasure of taking my second class with Tim yesterday at my LSS and of course it was as awesome as I knew it would be. This one was called Idea-ology Intrigue and we made 5 pieces of jewelry.

clouds-edited (1 of 1)

I think this little bird house pin is my favorite and this photo of it does it much more justice (it’s is from the slide in class):


And of course I had to get a photo of Tim and Mario but Tim wouldn’t let me unless I was in it too so here were are:


This is a close up of the charm necklace which was so fun to make:


All the projects were awesome and I learned a lot. I am loving all the idea-ology line of Tim’s and can’t wait to play with all the stuff I bought!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cards for Soldiers

As you know some of us girls over at started a "Cards For Soldiers" Project several years ago. We were even written about in Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Well the Chaplain and our good friend Carol's husband that went over to Iraq and gave Chris the idea to start this program has come and gone on 2 tours over there and is home safe for good and since I started working on an Air Force Base about the same time he was coming home I started making some contacts for new places to send some cards.

It took awhile to get things ironed out but now I've got two different places to send cards to and now I need lots of cards again and quick! So if you like to make cards head on over to the Cards for Soldiers Blog and check out the specs and the schedule in the right hand column! Oh and if you have any good sources that are willing to donate A2 envelopes I need those too! I am buying them myself as well as paying for the postage to mail these cards and envelopes so it gets pricey!

Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Catch Up Posting

So from one exciting thing to the next! Over Labor Day weekend we went to visit our good friends and old neighbors Kathy and Steve in Florida. They have a house on a Lake in Central Florida. I wasn’t too keen on the whole Lake thing knowing alligators live in fresh water but everyone had a blast. It was wonderful to see them and spend time with them as we miss them and haven’t seen them in about 2 years now. I can’t share photos because Michael decided he wanted to spend some more time down there fishing and kept the camera with him but I’ll share them soon! We stayed at the lake house from Friday until Sunday and then drove back to the coast to spend a couple of nights at the beach. Steve got us a gorgeous suite on Delray Beach with an Ocean view. It was beautiful! I can’t wait to get the sunrise photos off the camera! The boys and I flew home yesterday. Our plane got in around 3:30, we came home, unpacked, I did some laundry, got caught up on my emails and then drove down to UMass Lowell where I started back to school! Yep you heard me right, I am working on a degree in Information Technology! I have no idea if what the heck I’m thinking but I do know computers are always going to be around so I may as well know them inside and out! The first class went well, hopefully the rest will too!

It was back to work today but hey, it’s a short week! Have a good one!

Long Time No Blog!

Sorry it’s been awhile! After finishing up my scrap room makeover, I had plans to have my friends over for a scrap night and at the last minute we got invited to a Red Sox game so thankfully my good friends understood and off to the Sox game we went! It was fantastic. We had seats under the awning so while it rained a steady rain all night and there was even a rain delay I was dry and toasty the whole game. Here are a few shots from the game which we won!



My favorite catcher!


A Happy Beckett


This was something to see that you don’t see on TV!


Lynne, Johnnie and Michael


And JV again


I did not think this guy was going to get up. It was scary!


We would have had a great photo of Big Papi sliding into third but it came out blurry. Oh well they can’t all be perfect right?

And then during the rain delay it was tied 5-5 in the bottom of the 8th with tail end of a hurricane coming in and it was late so we decided to leave, while we were sitting in traffic, they restarted the game and the Sox won! I will never leave a game early again! LOL! It was still a blast.  Thanks John and Lynne (and Lynne’s boss for the tickets!)