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Monday, April 3, 2006

DST Stinks!

So who thought this was a good idea? Why can't we just leave it alone! Everyone was tired today! As if Monday's aren't bad enough! And of course the shower clock didn't get changed so it said 4am when I got in there, that made me feel really good! LOL! I do love that the days are longer but it takes me like a week to get used to that one hour! And the boys (including the big boy) are grouchy for even longer!
Man what a gorgeous weekend! Spring gave us a taste and now it's gonna rain and possibly snow! First baseball practice is tonight too! And RED SOX opening day is today!! Woohoo!!! Go SOX!!! I am hoping for a good season even though their spring training looked very bad! I do love baseball, so glad both boys are playing this year, hope we have a good season! Josh still has no clue what team he is on but Jake is on the Marlins and has got a great coach so that's a good start! He's really looking forward to it! I'm looking foward to more baseball photos! As if I don't have plenty to scrap. This is Josh's first year playing so there should be some great boredom shots! LOL!
OK well not a heck of a lot to say today so better get off here and get to it! Happy Monday!


Jolene George said...

If you lived in Arizona you would'nt have to deal with that nasty old time change. We stay the same time forever! :o)
My youngest son Cole is in baseball too. We have a game tonight. I love to watch...and of course take pictures.

Cindy said...

See, I look at it the other way round. I hate STANDARD time! I wish it could be DST all the time! LOL! Either way there's none of this ridiculous changing around. Oh, and brainiac me thought today would be the perfect time to take our electric blanket off the bed. Looks like we'll need it back again for a couple of nights!! LOL!!

jaywalker said...

Hey Pam!!!
Guess who!!!
Remember Jayashree (Lucent, Bangalore INDIA) ?????

I found you on the web while working late from home tonight...can you beat this? :-D

You've been busy on the web gal !:-)


Rach said...

I hate DST too. I grew up in a small area in northern BC where the clock didn't change. Oh how that rocked! Now with little ones .. obviously the inventor of DST didn't have kids. UGH!