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Friday, April 14, 2006

I Have Pink Floor!

Now that may not sound so bad since I love pink but it's only in one spot!!! DH decided to help color eggs last night and did a good job on the eggs but not so good a job on the clean up! ;) One bright pink spill! That stuff stains good!!! We wiped it right up but there is still a very faint pink stain. OOPS! Got some great shots of them all decorating tho! And some good shots of the pretty colored eggs too! Haven't downloaded those yet tho so will have to share later!
What is up with those Sox? They lost to Toronto again last night!!! Not good! They had BETTER turn this around and SOON!!!!
Got the shopping for Easter done last night and found out I need to return one thing! Darnit! So back to the store tonight. Nothing like waiting till the last minute! I am getting so bad lately!!! Don't know what is with me! I need to get back to my old organized self and quick!
OK well that's all FOLKS! Oh yeah, one more thing! TGIF!! Have a great one!

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Cindy said...

Wow, I didn't know pink spotted floors were in this season. ;) Sounds like you had fun though. Happy Friday!