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Friday, April 7, 2006

I Got PINK Crocs!!!

Yep! Donna and Heidi have em and now so do I! And yes they are heaven! They are like walking on air! And yes they are as bright as they look and I LOVE them! Of course getting them out of the store was another story! We went to buy the boys Baseball and Soccer cleats and while they were getting fitted I went over to find my Croc size. When I brought them back over Joshua says "Mama you are NOT getting those!" I say "Yes I am" and with a horrified look on his face he says "But you always look so pretty and those will make you look ugly!" Nice huh? Well that doesn't sway me one bit and at checkout ($262.00 on shoes mind you later) we have a pair of pink Crocs in our bags! And a happy Mama! And yes I am wearing them proudly to work today! And my boys don't want to be seen with me as we get ready to leave the house! LOL! Wonder if that's gonna happen all day? Who cares! Not me! I'm loving these things and my feet are very happy too! So I'm all set if I take any Heidi or Donna classes at CKU Boston (which I doubt either one will even be there)! LOL!
OK well that's all my news for today! I hope you all have a great Friday!


Cindy said...

Very cute shoes! They make your feet look teeny; I thought it was a photo of toddler feet! You better scrap that picture.

Jolene George said...

Love the new pink crocs. I almost bought a pair when we went to Catalina Island, but they were the wrong style. Not sure what stores sell them here in Arizona, but I want 'em!
Life is good when you can embarrasses your kids meerly by wearing comfy shoes. LOL! I love your cute jeans too!

September said...

OH OH OH! I have a pair and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! LOL Mine are pink just like yours but probably bigger.

Oh wait, you don't know me. LOL I'm Jolene's friend September. :-D I SOOO Love my crocs! And your jeans are adorable. Where on earth did you find those? Love them!

Jolene George said...

I just ordered a pair of the light pink ones last night. I can't wait to get them! I hear so many great things about them. Thanks for the nudge. :o)

The Knotty Girl said...

I love that you love these shoes! I have four pairs and I couldn't live without them now.