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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Tagged AGAIN!!!

Rachael has tagged me! The idea behind this tag is that you choose someone your admire or respect and highlight them. All of my good friends pretty much know exactly how I feel about them I think. I am also not going to pick someone out there in the superstar world that wouldn't know me from adam either tho. So who to choose!
There are so many talented people out there in the scrapping world, digi and paper, should I choose one of them? There are also people in my life that might not know how I feel about them, that's just cause I'm not one of those overly gushy people. Don't get me wrong, I will tell you what's on my mind in a heartbeat but usually it's when I'm PO'd! LOL!
So I think I'll talk a bit about Michelle Coleman of I worked with Michelle during my short stint on the Scrappers Anonymous Digital Design Team. She is one talented lady! Her pages are amazing and then wham, she starts designing these gorgeous kits! So she decides to start a business and sell them, and of course I am buying them! I even made my Christmas cards with one of them this year! Her Winter Wonderland kit! It's just stunning! Each and every one of her kits are divinely gorgeous! Oh and she has the most darling little girls which make her pages look even more eye capturing than could be possible! Yeah, and then to make me even more envious, she got to be on one of my all time favorite shows! Extreme Home Makeover chose her and a few other digi scrappers to do an album for one of their families! How cool is that! Yep, shows you how much talent this girl has! So yep, I want to be like Michelle when I grow up! And thanks Michelle for the inspiration! It was an honor to work with you for a short time and it's even more awesome that you are sharing your work with us out in the digi world now! Congrats on your success!
Now as for who I am tagging... Jolene, Jodene, and Rach! Have fun!

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Jolene George said...

Thanks Pam...I'll work on mine! excuse my bad spelling on your pink crock post. :o)