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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Man when it rains it pours! I have not been having a good time of it lately but I'm trying to stay upbeat and not let it get me down. Then this morning I got a call from Andrea saying that 123-Scrap has been hacked! Darn hackers sent out email to all my members with a trojan virus attachment AND hacked into my forums and put a virus there too! Man mean people stink! They get their jollies out of making other people's lives miserable! How could a person be like that? All I've got to say is that hopefully what goes around comes around to whoever did this to me and anyone else they have hacked in the past! Hopefully I'll get it fixed soon and be back to normal. Send good thoughts my way if you can spare them please!
Well that's about all I've got, hope you all have a wonderful day!


Jolene George said...

That is just terrible Pam! Mean people DO suck! Who would want to mess with a scrap group anyways?! I did get those emails and deleted them. I hope you are able to fix what the idiots did and I hope they get theirs in the end too.

Cheryl said...

Well someone obviously spat in the hackers coffee so they thought it was okay to share the misery round.

HUH yeah right!!!! Why an innocent scrap site why not go big time and try for a governtment site? I sure hope they get more than a goober in their coffee next time. Deleted those emails too so wasn't affected there.

Pam just let me say thanks for all the work you are going to have to do to get our favourite scrap site back up and running. I sure appreciate it.

Rach said...

It totally stinks! I too don't know why they play with a small little site like ours, but obviously they're perfecting their stupid abilities. I deleted the emails too, and I hope none of the members will be affected by this.

*big hugs* from me, and hoping this doesn't stress you out to much.

Cindy said...

I've been thinking about you all day Pam, you just didn't sound like yourself this morning and I know things are getting you down. It won't help too much, but my love and thoughts are with you. Hang in there dear friend.

Lesley said...

Sorry to hear about your hacker problems! That bites! You should go buy some Baker's dipping chocolate and make some nice strawberries, and you will feel a little better! I hope things get better soon! And I also really like that blue/brown color combo; its a very cute page!

Rachael Giallongo said...

I am with ya, girl... hackers are the WORST!