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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

You Never Know Who Will Read Your Blog!!!

You post along merrily and then one day out of nowhere someone you haven't heard from in years posts a comment! Hey Jay!!!! Where the heck you been girl!!!???? Long time no hear! I've been wondering about you! So blogging can bring back long lost friends! Look at that!

So did you see all the drama at ACOT yesterday? Boy am I glad I was not involved in that! Jeesh, I have shopped there a couple of times because Rachael told me about the site when she got on the Creative team but it looks like I'll stay away from now on. I so hate DRAMA and I avoid it at all costs!

So Cindy's got a new set of kits coming out on Friday! The Friendship Collection! It Rocks!!!
She made a kit named for each of us on the faculty at 123-Scrap and it has so much thought in it that I have no idea how she can have so much talent! I have used 4 of the kits so far. I'm creating a mini 8x8 album with it doing a page of each girl with their kit. So far it's coming out pretty cool I think. So Thanks much Cindy You are the BEST!!!
OK, off to work! Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Yes I quite agree .. Cindy's new kit ROCKS! And Pam, you're doing a wonderful job with your little ablum. Such a great idea and I'm planning to lift that idea but in paper form. :D