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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wednesday didn't end too Well!

Red Sox Lost and I messed up a build working late last night! That's what happens when I rush things! We had baseball practice till 6, I picked up pizza on the way home and then while rushing around getting everyone fed and then trying to start 2 builds and catch up on emails I typo-ed something and messed it up! UGH!!! Now I've got to do it over and hold everyone up! STINKS! I was up till 11pm working too so it was a long day and I'm tired today now and have a major headache! Oh yeah and it's raining! Yippee!

On another note, I got a surprise in the mail from my pal Lisa on 123. A belated bday present! Paisley stamps that I love!!! Thanks Lisa!!! They are awesome and I can't wait to use them! I've already got something planned out!
Here's a digi page I did yesterday using a kit by Laura Alpuche at A Cherry On Top called ChicChick. It's all my favorite colors. Photos from me opening my presents from Wendy that she had overnighted to the Cape Crop just so the girls could take photos of me opening them! LOL! The page is based on a sketch by Cindy Simon and is available at 123!
And that's about all I've got for you all today! Hope you all have a great Thursday!


Jolene George said...

Sorry your day ended on a stinky note! It's no fun having to redo work especially when you're holding up other people. Here's to hoping today will be a much better day. Great digi layout.You look so cute!

September said...

I love that layout! It's really cute!

The Knotty Girl said...

Great layout!!! I love it.

Red Sox...makes me sad. :(

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