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Friday, June 2, 2006

Finally Friday!

Man for a short week this one felt really long! I guess when it's jam packed that's what happens!
We managed to get both baseball games (and won them both!) in last night before the deafening Thunder and Lightening storm started. It was huge! And right over the house! Knocked out the power for a few minutes! Of course I had to work in the middle of it and my desk is right next to the window so I was freaking every time the lightening struck! Damn it was close! Josh didn't even want his window open a crack he was so scared! With the A/C being broke the house is a stinking roasting pit! I have no idea how we lived without it for 10 years!
So some places had 4 more inches of rain last night, and more flooding, no school in 4 towns this am. We are scheduled for rain today and tomorrow. Looks like no soccer or baseball tomorrow. There are baseball photos scheduled for indoors. That stinks! The outdoor photos are so much nicer! Oh well. I have to shop for a bday present and a shower present this weekend so now I'll have time. Gotta start working on my coach gifts too since I've got 3 to make! I am making mini albums for them all, been taking lots of photos at each game. Hope they like them!
So before I close, my good friend Rachael's DH lost his job this week (with no notice at all) and needs some good thoughts sent his way if you can spare some that he finds a job quick, and my friend Michele's DH also lost his job and they just bought a new house so they could also use some good thoughts. Figured since I'm sending some out I ask for some extra too if you can spare some!
Have a great weekend all!


September said...

Going on retreat this weekend, will be sure to add these folks to my prayers. :) Glad you all survived the storm! Have a nice weekend!

Lesley said...

glad to hear you survived the week without ac. I haven't even turned ours on yet, but I have definitely been tempted! Have a great weekend (even with the rain!)!

Jolene George said...

Sending prayers and good thought to all of you.
I can't believe how much rain you've been getting. That whole thunder and lightning is pretty scary to me. It was 111 here yesterday and suppose to be 113 today....too dang hot! I hope you can get the AC fixed soon!

Rachael Giallongo said...

Thanks for the shout out for prayers and thoughts! I appreciate it! Hugs and prayers for Michele, too! :)

Rachael Giallongo said...

Today is the 9th.... are you ever coming back to blogland again? ;) Miss ya, girl........