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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogger is Acting Up!!!

First I couldn't attach my page that used the burlap stuff in my last post! So here it is:
And then it makes me delete all my cookies to create a post! So how fun is that going to be logging in to every place I go today! UGH!!!
So aren't those stars cool? I have to find a good photo to use the hearts next. OK, off to get the stitches now, really! Cya!


Lesley said...

Cute page! The stars look great with the baseball uniform! I hope you're enjoying your summer - I can't wait for school to get out, so I can start hanging out and maybe even scrapbook again!

September said...

Such a cute layout! I love it!

Jolene George said...

Loving those stars! Very cute layout!
Sometimes blogger is a booger to me too. (probably shouldn't have said's sure to mess with me now) Yahoo is currently my problem.

mumsascrappa said...

Love the stars Pam! Great colors on this LO!