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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!!

Holy cow I cannot believe its raining AGAIN!!! The games will probably be cancelled again! It's June 10th and in the 50's! What is up with that!!! DANG! I am no cut out for this kind of weather! This sun lover needs that sun to shine all the time and looks forward to the hot summer days after the long cold winter in order to get thru that long cold winter!!! This is so not nice! My boys will be bored and asking to sit in front of the stinking video game brain killer all day again! After this much rain there isn't much else to do and goodness knows they don't want to play with there million and one toys they have in their bedrooms and playroom! Of course not why on earth would I mention that!
So I guess I'll go clean the house and get it over with. You know this rain is a real mood killer! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Rachael Giallongo said...

Pam, First you complained about the snow and now you complain about rain..... what's next? Complaining about the sun? LOL Kidding, kidding, girl.... I feel your pain, trust me!

Jolene George said...

Rain does the opposite with me. It puts me in my happy place mood, but that's probably because we never get any. I do understand how too much would not be a good thing since it ruins all of your plans. Hang in're bound to get some sun and dry out.