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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wonderful Wednesday!

What a fabulous day it is! Man the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it's warm!!! I think summer has finally found us here in New Hampshire! I am loving this! I also got two of the 3 coach albums done last night! I think they look pretty good too. Granted if they were mine they would have way more stuff in them but I think for men they are just right! :) I hope to finish the last one tonight. I've got to go to training for the next two days in Boston and I'll be getting home late so I won't have any time to get them done and I really want to give them to the coaches on Saturday in case they don't make the next round of Playoffs!
Now I've got to get teacher gifts going! I have to get a gift for Josh's teacher since Jake's teacher is done! And the music, art, gym and librarians I just may skip this year! I got them stuff for Xmas and that just may have to be it. I just have to draw the line somewhere now that money is tight and it sure as heck isn't going to be my scrapping budget! ;)
So DH won't tell me what he wants for Father's Day or where he wants to go for Dinner or what he wants to do. How's that for difficult! I have nothing to get him since Tools, Clothes and all that kind of stuff is off limits. Anyone have any ideas? Doesn't leave much now does it? I offered to get him the stuff he needs for his car but he said no. Do you think he's trying to drive me crazy? I do!
Oh, I've got to run to SBB now and get Gina Miller's new X-Factor Stitches! They are so fun! I recently got Gina Cabrera's Burlap collection, have you seen that? It's way cool! Just did a layout using all the stars from it. I recolored them to match my page better. Love them! There are hearts, stars, photo corners a flower and I can't remember what else. Go check it out at Digital Design Essentials!

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Jolene George said...

I totally want to see the coach share!