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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Late Night Bloggin'

I have to work late tonight so I figured I'd post an update. Josh's team lost their championship game last night. They took it really well. I've seen kids older than them burst into tears and they all hung tough! Jake's team won his 2nd Tournament game so they are playing in the Championship game on Saturday! They won 11-5 and man did they play well tonight! I had to work the snack bar so I missed a lot of the game but what I saw they rocked! I pray they can do as well on Saturday and take the title!
The boys are loving their pool! Jake has been in it everyday since Sunday. Two of the boys from next door came over to swim with him for an hour this afternoon and I thought they were going to tear the thing down! But they had a blast! I was working while watching them so I didn't get to take any photos. Josh was in on the couch.
Well that's all I've got to chat about and I need to get back to work so you all have a terrific night!


mumsascrappa said...

Glad to hear they are enjoying the pool! I know Dylan loves swimming, and he sure sleeps better at night after a day in and out of the pool, and spending time with friends! Good Luck to the team on Saturday! Losing gracefully certainly says a lot for the boys on the team! Sounds like they had a great season just to have made it that far!

Rachael Giallongo said...

See? The WT Pool is all good..... you'll get your monies worth out of it!