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Friday, June 23, 2006

It's Friday!

And guess what? It's going to rain tonight and tomorrow! Imagine that! Another rainy weekend! So the championship game will most likely be postphoned! I am wondering if Baseball will ever be over and if I will ever get my yard looking like it's supposed to for summer! The jungle of weeds has officially taken over! I don't think I'll ever get it back! And I'll probably never get flowers planted because no one will have any left or they will all be the dead ugly ones by the time I get to the nursery to buy them! 2-5 more inches of rain are predicted! HOLY CRAP BATMAN! So there goes the game, the pool party and the baseball celebration all to be rescheduled for sunnier days on my calendar! Well at least I'll get my house cleaned on Saturday and maybe have Sunday to scrap! That is a high point! LOL!
And did you all see on the news that the earth is the hottest it's ever been in 2000 years? How's that for global warming? Well off to get my bagel before all the good ones are gone! Every Friday my company has a Panera Bread delivery! YUM! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


Rachael Giallongo said...

I didnt see that report but after sweating my butt off yesterday, I believe it!

mumsascrappa said...

One good thing about the rain....well, actually 2 or don't have to water the grass or the trees or the flowers that you do have, you don't have to add water to the pool, and yes, you may have better opportunities to scrap! yahoo!!!

Cindy said...

Sorry to hear all that good stuff getting rained out. We're gonna get it too, and Rebecca was supposed to go to a pool party tomorrow. :( Hope you get some good scrappin time.

Jolene George said...

Well...If your state would just learn to share with dehydrated Arizona, both of our problems would be solved. You'd get some sunshine and I'd get my much needed and desired rain.
I hope that since your weekend plans are shot that your plan B works out to your advantage. A clean house and scrapping time sounds pretty good to me. I have to babysit my niece and nephew all day Saturday so there is no fun in store for me.

Cheryl said...

Man if this is the hottest the earth has been in 2000 years how come I am freezing my butt off here!

We are having the worst, and by far the coldest winter since 98! So far no more heavy snow warnings! Hoping no more eventuate between now and next Friday!