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Monday, June 26, 2006

Sad News

Well it was a nail biting game but in the end they lost 9-8. They played so well, were even leading in the beginning 5-1 but a few bad plays in the outfield and some very bad calls by the Ump and they ended up losing. It was so heartbreaking. Both teams played very well but honestly the Marlins deserved the win. And I am not saying that because my son was on the team. I honestly think they played better and that if they had not had a run taken away from them for interference that WAS so not there the game would have gone into extra innings and that would have shown us who really should have won! Anyway what's done is done, they made it to the Championships, and they really were a great group of kids! I am very proud of them.
Last night was the Celebration and they got their trophies! I forgot my camera! Thank goodness for camera phones! The photo isn't the best but at least I have one! Jeesh what an idiot I am! I made CDs for every parent on the team of all the photos at the game so I'm hoping maybe one of the parents maybe took a photo for me at least! Tuesday night is Josh's Celebration night where they will get their trophies and then we are officially done with Baseball! Woohoo! Now I can finally start some of the jungle cleanup!
OK well it's Monday morning and time to get to work! Have a great day!


Jolene George said...

Dangit! I'm sorry they lost! I bet one of the other parents took pictures and would be willing to share with you after all of your kindness and generosity to them.

mumsascrappa said...

Sorry they lost! Sounds like they had a great season though, and worked really well together as a team! That sure says a lot!! Enjoy your "jungle cleanup" Hopefully the rain will be gone for a while now too!

Lesley said...

That's a bummer that they lost, and a total bummer about forgetting your camera! That is so something I would do! Hopefully now the rain will end, and you can start having your own life again!