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Friday, June 16, 2006

Bloggin from Boston!

Well after the 3 hour drive in from home yesterday, today was much nicer! Only an hour and 15 minutes!!! There was no rain and no accident so it was very different!!! It did take me 2 hours to get home and being that it's Friday night and everyone goes north for the weekend I expect it to take me at least that tonight. But I made it on time for class today so I am happy! I actually got here an hour early! Got to get my coffee and play on the puter! Way cool!

So two playoff games tomorrow! And another very long day at the Field in almost 90 degree weather. Can you say SUNBURN? LOL! I will not be home until at least 8 tonight and I've got to finish the last coach gift! ACK! Father's Day is Sunday, when the heck am I going to clean my house? Anyone want to come do it for me?

It's time for class to start so I better run! Have an awesome weekend!


mumsascrappa said...

Hope the games go well and quick!! Can you say LOTS and LOTS of sunscreen!!! LOL!!! Forget the house!!! The kids and animals will only mess it up again anyway!

mumsascrappa said...

So did you get the baseball book stitched! Glad I could help!! Nothing like a drive up "window" for scrappy supplies! LOL!!

Have a great weekend Pam!! Stay cool!! At least it's NOT raining!!

Rach said...

Enjoy your class!