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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Say it With Me Now...

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day...
I need this rain to stop now! We have to get this Championship game in today! I so want Baseball to be over! Please!!! I want my life back if only for a little while!!!! Please Pretty Please with sugar on top!!! Yep I'd love to send rain to anyone who needs it really, I'd do it in a heartbeat! I don't care about not having to water the grass anymore! We have irrigation that we paid $5K for! I don't care about the flowers either, since I had no stinking time to get any! OK Whining Over! :)
The game is scheduled for 1:00 pm now instead of 9am. They are hoping the rain will be done by then. The pool party has been cancelled. The field will be soaked and the boys will be muddy as heck since they have to slide on every run in at the homeplate but if they can get that game in I'll be so happy! And if they win man that will just make my year! I have really loved watchng these boys get better and better with each passing game and I wouldn't trade it for the world no matter how much I complain! But yep, stick a fork in me cause I am well done! ;)
So I've got my classes for the Croppin at the Cape all ironed out! I'm going to work on some of the samples for the Christmas card class tomorrow. I'm so excited to also be finally teaching a Recipe Box class! And I'm going to be using the American Traditional Recipe Time line that I used for the project I did that should be published soon! I am stoked about this because that project came out pretty darn cool! I am teaching 4 classes and also doing a few M&Ts so I'll be so busy I won't have time to crop but it will be fun! Can't wait!

Hey, if you all read PaperWorks Magazine, there a a few toots in there! Our 123-Scrap Friend Tammy Malone has a great card in there, Connie P also has a 4 page spread in there and she uses one of Andrea's awesome easles in it! Way to go ladies!!!
OK, I'm off to finish cleaning so I have all day tomorrow to scrap! Have a wonderful weekend all! Hopeully I'll be back later to say we won the Championship!


mumsascrappa said...

Hey Pam, It's a little after 1 pm, and it's not raining...really wet out, but hopefully they'll get the game in AND win!!! Happy Scrappy Day tomorrow!!

Rachael Giallongo said...

I'll have to check out the recent issue of Paperworks! How exciting for the 123 Girls! :)