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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Boys are Back!

Happy Memorial Day! Giving a moment to all the men and women who have given up their lives to protect our country and also to thank all the brave soldiers who are fighting right now for our freedom. May you all come home safe. Thank you each and every one!! I always send special thoughts to my Grandfather who died in WWII that I never got to meet, wishing I had got to meet him and wondering if he and my grandmother are finally together again.
My boys are back. Man it was quiet in this house! I got a ton done! The house was spic and span by 11 on Friday and I started scrapping by 1pm! Got 3 pages done after organizing my room a bit. I had so many pages that werent in albums and some stuff from the convention that I hadn't put away yet. Got another 10 pages done on Sat and Sun and some altered frapuccino bottles and the pack they came in! Pretty darn productive weekend.
Today I'm doing some laundry and we are going to a bbq. It's going to be 94! Wouldn't you know our AC died! The condensor motor went on a holiday weekend of course so we are going to be hot tonight! Oh well at least it's only for a night or two until we can get a new part! I'm telling you when it rains it pours, the well pump, the AC motor, we need a new furnace, and hot water heater, and money is very tight right now! Figures! Well one thing at a time and it will all work out. It always does at some point! :)
I'm very excited about the BBQ, our old neighbors that moved to FL almost 3 years ago are going to be there! We haven't seen them in 2 years! Can't wait! We were such good friends, there were 6 of us that always did things together and a group of us that got together often for bbqs and such so we are all getting together today. There will be lots of laughter for sure!
Well I better go check the brownies and magic cookie bars I've got in the oven! Have a great Memorial Day!


Jolene George said...

Boy! You had a productive weekend Pam! Love those kinds! Hope you had a wonderful time with your dear old friends at the BBQ.
Get that AC fixed quick. I've felt the pain on that one. HOT HOT HOT!

Rachael Giallongo said...

There is nothing better than a BBQ with friends on a gorgeous holiday weekend! Glad to hear you got so much done and I cant wait to see all your pages! :)

September said...

WOw! You got a lot accomplished. Ok, I wanna see the altered frappuccino bottles, please. :)