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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Off to the Championships!

Josh's team won their second Tournament game so they play in the Championship game on Tuesday night! Jake's team won their first tournament game today so they play their second game on Wed. night. All of the coaches loved their baseball albums. A big huge thank you to Patty for saving the day with the Red Floss! Phew! Jake's coach made me walk it around and show all the parents (insert blushing smiley here)! Boy was it hot! I put sunblock on but forgot my chest so it is bright pink with a big flower in the middle from my Lia Sophia pendant I was wearing! LOL!

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I have no gift for DH, I have no idea what he wants or what he wants to do so we have no plans! He is being a pest this year! I guess we are playing it by ear!

My peonies finally opened! Man I've been driving around and seeing everyone elses and waiting patiently for mine! And now I've got a vase full in the kitchen! Yipee! They are sooooo pretty!!!

Well I hope everyone's Dad's and hubby's have a great Father's Day! Have a wonderful weekend!


mumsascrappa said...

So glad to help with the floss Pam! Sounds like the albums were a hit!! Sounds like the teams were too! Kudos to the kids for their great playing efforts! Looks like you are going to be wearing that pendant a lot in the next few days! LOL!! We are in the same boat here with Dad's day. Up in the air! It's getting hot, so maybe we'll just go for a swim! and cook out some grill food. Who knows?? Have a great day! Enjoy your peonies!!

Jolene George said...

HUGE congrats to the boys! that is great news. They must be thrilled.
Hope your family had a happy fathers day!

September said...

CONGRATS to the boys!!!!! So cool! Hope you all had a great Father's Day. :)