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Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Photo A Day in December

Lisa had this fantastic idea to take a photo a day and then make a mini book out of the photos. I decided to join in because I love December so much! So my photo for yesterday is of these Christmas blocks. I got the idea from Emily:
I wasn't thinking as I was covering the blocks and adding the labels on the first set and thought they would be best all the same, silly me! Now I need to make another couple of sets so they can be different! They are Christmas gifts so I need to make more anyway! :)

Today's photo is from our Cutting down the tree excursion. We brought our neighbor and her son since her DH is the one that fell off our roof and he can't take them. Here is Michael and Ben with the tree they picked out:
So far I'm off to a good start but it's only the 2nd of December! Hopefully I can keep it up! Thanks for the idea Lisa! At least I'll have something to blog about! ;)


Lisa said...

Those blocks are so cute! And the tree cutting tree is adorable. Thanks for playing!

donnapiranha said...

Cute blocks. I do like the PEACE ones the best. Good job.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Great idea - looking forward to the pics!


September said...

Wow, blocks must be really in! Did you see the set I posted back a few days ago? I painted them and used my QK Silhouette to decorate them. So much craftin' fun! LOL

Rach said...

Great pics! I've been wanting to make some blocks as gifts too. Where'd you pick the blocks up at?