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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Imagine This" PAD 12/19/07

I'll set the scene for you. Me in 3 heel boots and a shiny floor!

The night before last Josh fell down the stairs at daycare and whacked his head pretty good. Well today I was walking out after dropping him off and I fell! My right ankle just twisted out from under me and down I went. Slamming my left knee into the concrete floor! YAY! So now lame on 2 sides I can't get up so I yell for a teacher who is in a room full of little kids (think noisy) and the one person who could hear me yelling out in the hall, my son! Kid doesn't hear a word I say at home but he heard me yell for help! Go Josh! Out comes Brian to help me up and into a rolling chair so I can get out of the hallway where all the parents are trying to get around me so I can ice all my ailments! I stayed there until I could walk and then hobbled on to work. Can I just say, it took all the attention off my back woes! LOL!

We found out last night that NO the transmission will not be covered and it's $3500 to fix it. Granted we are looking at other options now.

And I have go walk (well hobble) around the grocery store tonight to get all of my cookie making supplies and what I'm making for Xmas dinner too! FUN TIMES! At least I'll have a carriage to lean on!

Oh and yeah, we are supposed to get 3-6 more inches of snow between this afternoon and tomorrow morning! YIPPEEE!!!!

Merry Friggin Christmas!!!!

So you can just imagine the photo that would be here today! But really, I'm still smiling! Have a great day!


Amy Bleser said...

Oooooooooooouch!!! What a week you all have had!! Sound like mine last week. Ugh!

Hope you find some alternative for Michael's transmission stuff soon. That's just insane!

Oh and I want to see a picture of your boots:)

Feel better!!

Rach said...

OMGoodness, what's in the air. Everyone's falling and hurting themselves. :( I hope ALL your ailments heal soon and you can enjoy the rest of the days leading up to C-Mas.

Oh that's right .. you always bake up a storm of cookies every year. Have fun! :)

Lisa said...

Still smiling? You are a much better person than I! I'm so sorry that all this icky stuff is happening right now. Try and take care...btw, that was a very vivid "imaginary photo"! We can compare knee bruises from our falls!

Cindy said...

Oh no! Poor Pam! I say buy some premade cookies and order in pizza on Christmas. You deserve a break!

Tammy said...

I think I am going to watch where I step. Sounds like a nasty fall. Glad you are smiling tho ;)

donnapiranha said...

Premade cookies and pizza sound really good to me too! I'm so sorry you fell. Ouch. I fell the other day but I was on the farm in my coveralls so I was protected. I have a bruise on my shin but other than that, I survived it. I hope you heal quickly!

1RadChick said...

We have to be sharing the same life. What the heck??? I'm SO SO sorry about all your woes... you are not having fun. My work is all screwed up. maybe. they're still trying to decide.... so much for MY Christmas spirit.

Oh yea, and tonight I was going to come home and work on my journal. Hubby arranged for the Directv people to come tomorrow to add 2 lines. HELLO, the access is in my studio. Guess what room is now in a shambles, closet emptied into the room, etc. Nice. And my new desk will be here 12/24. How the heck??? LOL Merry Frickin' Christmas. :D

xoxoxo Me

Mary E said...

Oh Pam!!!!!!

Kristi Smith said...

I guess because I missed this one.