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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Silent Sunday!

Its 8:33 am and it's silent in my house! That's right no one is home but me! The boys went to Nana's last night because Michael and I went to a cocktail party at a neighbor's. They just had their kitchen redone and wanted to show it off and now of course I want a new kitchen AND a new family room! ;) Michael is at the last race of the season to get in one final hurrah for him and the car. I would be very pleased with having the house all to myself and nothing to do but laundry if I didn't feel awful from drinking 4 martini's! Yep I said 4 and that was because Michael shut me off after that! ;) My limit is usually 2 and let me tell you I can't even drink a cup of coffee this morning which is not a good thing! I need my coffee! I'm paying the price now and I guess I deserve it. But we did have a very good time. We have a great bunch of neighbors and it was nice getting them all together.
I actually met one neighbor who has lived in the neighborhood as long as us (15 years) and had never met her before! Amazing but true, she worked 2 jobs for a very long time and they have no kids so there really was never a time for us to meet. She and her new husband were there last night, they are very nice and she owns a Ti-kwando (sp) studio! I may sign the boys up for some martial arts lessons very soon! Jake has wanted to take Karate for a long time anyway. I think it will be a fun thing for them to do.
Jake had a great baseball game yesterday, they won 11-9 and in the first inning they were down 4-0 so I thought they were going to menally check out early. The other team could hit and man did they like to steal but our team turned it around and did really well. Jake had one really good hit, made an awesome out at 1st (that seems to be his position this year) and he was pretty happy at the end of the game. When Jake is happy I am happy cause there is no attitude! ;)
So speaking of Jake, I ordered the IPOD and it just says his name. I wish I had gotten 2006 as one of the comments said but that one comment came in after I ordered it! :( That was a great idea Lucy! Oh well, I'll have to remember what year he got it or do a page on it right away so it doesn't get forgotten! ;) I can't wait to see it because it looks VERY green online! It arrived Friday when I was at work, of course you had to be here to sign for it so they sent it back, now it's going to a neighbor's on Monday!
So that's it for me, I'm going to go drink some more water and try to feel better so I can scrap today! Have a wonderful Sunday all!


September said...

feel better. :)

mumsascrappa said...

Hope you had a good day and are recovering from your fun evening last night.

Jolene George said...

Poor girl...I hope Monday is better for you...except that whole crummy work thing you have to do. :o)
Cole had a basketball game on Saturday too. We were late because he spent the night at a cousins and we lost track of time. They were losing when we got there. He played the 2nd half and score 12 points. They won! YAY!
Jake is going to love his green IPOD!

MaryE said...

Good choice on the ipod...hope you feel better LOL.

MiYon said...

Sprite always helps to alleviate the nasty physical affects of a hangover for me. Snap a picture of Jake's iPod so we can admire it in all of its glory. lol :)