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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sept 18th

It was a good weekend! Very quite! Well until Saturday night when Rachael and Lesley got here and then there was loads of laughter going on in the house! Very fun times! Here is a layout I completed that night after getting out the tripod and taking a photo of the three of us!

I made homemade pizza and margarita's and there was plenty of chocolate to snack on so between the food and the great laughs it was a good time. I always have fun with these girls. It was too bad Melissa forgot to come! ;)
Friday night I cleaned the house and got to read my Scrapbooks Etc in bed with no TV on to distract me or anyone telling me to turn off the light cause it was bothering him! HEAVEN! Saturday during the day I did errands and didn't have to rush or anything! Man it was so nice! Then yesterday I scrapped all day until 6 when all my guys got home. It was a heavenly weekend! And yes I missed my guys but it was so peaceful and the house stayed clean for 3 whole days! NICE!!!

Reality sets back in today! LOL! So I'm off to work! Hope everyone has a great day!

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