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Monday, October 16, 2006

Sad Day in Blogland!

Cathy Z has decided to stop blogging! Many devoted blog readers are going to be very sad to hear this decision. I know I am! I am one of her faithful blog readers! She is my birthday twin, we were born on the same day in the same year even! She's one of my favorite blog reads! Man it's not like I have a life of my own ya know! I depend on other people's blogs to keep me going all day! ;)

So Cindy's got a new Hanakkah kit coming out! It should be up at NDISB very soon! I don't have any Hanakkah photos but I was able to complete two layouts using the kit anyway! Very versatile if I do say so myself! And for all the Jewish scrappers out there I think they will also be very happy! I'll post my layouts as soon as Cindy say's I can! ;)

I got to scrap yesterday! Got 4 pages done! I also cut some rubber and put away some stuff in my room that had been piling up. I had ordered a few things online that came in over the last couple of weeks. So now my room is organized a bit again. I still think it needs a major overhaul though, it's really getting out of control as to not knowing what I've got anymore.
Jake got to pitch on Saturday, he did very well. He also hit a double! They lost the game due to some seriously bad plays made in the outfield but for the most part the kids played well. They would have tied if not for the 2 runs that came in due to the earlier said outfield plays! ;) But Jake did really well and I was very proud of him. Check out this shot Michael got of him swinging at the ball (I can't take credit because I was in the concession stand) :

That's gotta be the double he hit! Michael has a knack for stopping the ball in action! He also got a few others like that!
OK well that's it for me today! Hope everyone has an awesome day!


mumsascrappa said...

That is a great photo Pam. Love that he got the ball in the shot like that. Enjoy scrapping them!

MiYon said...

Awesome photo!

Jolene George said...

Great shot...glad he did so well in his game.
Rhonna Farrer just dropped her blog sad!