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Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Friday

We had a great bday party last night. Josh said it was his best bday ever. I love those words! Now let's see how many days it takes him to say "I'm Bored"! We had yummy sushi for dinner, bday cake and lots of presents with just us and my mom. Very nice. Got some great shots of him opening his present and a big cheek one of him blowing out the candles. Oh and this one is my favorite from the bunch:So on to Jake's bday tomorrow. I have to make Chicken Parm for dinner! Josh made it nice and easy but not Jake! And man I was hoping for dinner out and a nice martini! ;)
Oh well, have a great weekend everyone!


MaryE said...

We could always go out for martini's later...uh yea let's do that!

Jolene George said...

I'm so glad Josh had the best birthday ever. I can't believe your boys birthday's are so close. My husband's birthday was on the 25th and his brother is on the 26th. They are one year and one day apart. Good luck pulling off the next birthday dinner.

MiYon said...

Stay... away... from... the... martinis... LOL JK! That is a really nice photo. HB to Josh!