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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hello 3 Blog Readers!

Since that's about the average amount of comments I get that's the amount of readers I'm saying hello to! ;) How's your week going? Mine's going damn slow! I can't believe it's only WEDNESDAY! I tell you the weeks are too long and the weekends are too short! I need a vacation! We have another busy weekend coming up too, baseball, a bday party, a cocktail party at a neighbors and Sunday I really need to tackle both boys rooms and get rid of all the clothes that don't fit them and put their fall/winter stuff in their drawers. I've been putting it off too long! It's really gotten much cooler and it's time! At least we don't have 2 feet of snow like Buffalo! I hear you can buy a house cheap there! Suddenly NH doesn't look so bad LOL!
So I'm ordering Jake's IPOD today, he wants a green one. My mom wants to pay for half of it and since it's going to cost $200 I don't mind but heres my dilemma. I wanted to get it engraved (because it's free) to say "Happy Birthday Jake" Love Mom, & Dad but now I'll have to add Nana too. So should I just leave it with Happy Birthday Jake or should I just have his name engraved on it? What would you suggest for a boy turning 11? 3 suggestions is better than non so speak up you 3 readers would ya? Thanks! :)
Well that's my boring stuff for today! Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday!


MaryE said...

just his name, Pam!!! come on, he's 11 let's be cool, mom. I get lessons in this all the time from Steph. I think the name thing is good for a little anti theft maybe. I have been stopping in here, lately, real quick but I know I owe you a couple comments. Thanks for being one of my faithful 3 readers. still Jet lagged and feeling overwelmed by CT stuff of course all three of mine came out with kits in the last week. So anyway here I am! Running in and running out talk to you soon!

Rach said...

I'm not a cool Mom because I'd have the whole wingdinger put on there. LOL
But then, girls are little more sentimental then boys. Probably just his name would work, like Mary suggested.

Oh, and I'm a faithful reader, but since finding google reader, it's easier to just read there but if I want to comment, I have to actually jump over to the blog which can get time consuming and I'm lazy. But I love reading your blog. :)

karen said...

I first thought just Happy Birthday Jake, but I think Mary's probably right - just his name.

I also read your blog all the time, but don't always comment. I'll try to be better. :-)

mumsascrappa said...

My initial thought because I'm sentimental was Happy Birthday Jake - We love you! .....but he's turning 11, and if my son wanted an IPOD he probably wouldn't use it if it had all that mushy stuff on it for fear someone might see ;) His name would be a great idea. Cool getting a green one. My niece has a pretty pink one.

Hope the rest of your week goes quicker than the beginning! Hope your weekend is enjoyable. Sounds like some fun stuff!

By the way - I heard through the grapevine that you are not teaching anymore...what's up??

MiYon said...

Pam, I'm sure you have more than three readers. A lot of the time, people just don't comment. Me, I'm a comment freak. LOL Sometimes, only two will comment on a post I make, the nexy day, it's seven. Go figure!

I say just his name. We're talking about an 11 year old boy here. As sentimental as he might be, I'd stick to something simple... just Jake. Two years from now, when he's 13, it may not be so cool walking around with an iPod that says "Happy Birthday from Mom & Dad & Nana". I think it would be cute but I'm trying to put myself in the shoes of a boy who will be a teen in a couple of years!

Let us know what you decide on!

Jolene George said...

Coming from a mom of boys, just put his first and last name. MAYBE a phone number in case it gets lost. My boys would appreciate a gift like that, but in order to maintain coolness, they would find some way to cover up the happy birthday love mom and dad part. :o)
You know I'm a faithful girl to you sweet Pam. I love your blog! There are LOTS of girls who just read and for some reason afraid to post comments. Don't know why....some feel like they are being intrusive...know what I mean?

Jodene said...

Hey, record number of comments today .lol Maybe more than 3 people do read your blog!

As for the iPod, I would just go with Happy Birthday Jake or Jake too.

What a lucky boy!

Woozle said...

Hi Pam! Please wish Jake a Happy Birthday from me & Kathryn (and the same to Josh too :) )
What a lucky guy getting an iPod!
I would definitely just have his name engraved - maybe add "2006" or the date if you wnt him to remember it was a birthday present?