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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sept 21st

Andrea, Chris, Carol and Cindy, it just wont be the same without you! :(

Boy it's been another wild week! I have been busy at work again, trying to pack for the Cape Crop and get the house situated for the boys. Totally Crazy! I even had to go back home today because I forgot my cell charger and that would not have been a good thing! I have to be able to talk to my boys everyday! They may not care if I'm gone but I miss them like crazy. I've packed way too much (including my sewing machine)! I've got a class to teach on Friday and 4 or 5 on Saturday so I have no clue how much scrapping I'll actually get done. I do not have my camera! I left it home for Michael to take photos of Jake's first game in the new league of Baseball. He has moved up this year and was very hesitant to do it so I had to forgo the camera to get photos of that! I'm bummed I'll be missing the game. Jake's playing 1st base. I hope he'll also get to do some pitching as well.

So I'm signing off until Monday with hopes of maybe at least checking in to say hello on 123-Scrap since I did pack the laptop! Have a great weekend all!

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