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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sept 15th

I've got the weekend to myself! I'm gonna exercise right when I get home and then get all the cleaning done tonight so I can be a scrapping fool for the rest of the weekend until the boys get home! They are leaving for Maine this afternoon before I even get home from work! Tomorrow night Rachael, Melissa, and Lesley are coming over for Girls Night and that will definitley be a good time knowing those girls! ;) Rachael is expecting Margarita's so I better hit the store on my way home tonight too!

I'm so glad it's Friday! This has been the week from H-E double hockey sticks at work! I worked 13 hours on Monday, 12 hours on Tuesday and about 10 hours on Wednesday, then it was Open House at Josh's school where we found out he is having trouble being quite in class! Yippee! So when I ask him how his day was and he says good I guess he "forgot" it wasn't so good afterall! ARRRRRRRGH! Well he's going to work on it. Yeah, we've heard that one before!

I have to figure out what I'm bringing to the Cape too! It's next weekend! man that time went by fast! I am pretty much all set for my classes, just have to get one more class kitted up that we are waiting for the supplies from American Traditional on. They donated almost EVERYTHING for my class! woohoo! It's going to be the cutest recipe box too!

So my gal
Cindy Simon released a new kit at NDISB yesterday. It's called Gently Falling and is a very non-traditional take on Fall. Love it! here are a couple of pages I did using the kit:
So that's about it for my ramblings today. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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