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Monday, October 9, 2006

Fabulous Weekend!!!

We had one of the nicest weekends we've had in a long time! We went to my cousin Kara's wedding on Sat. But first we sat in on an hour of Jake's baseball game. Our wonderful neighbors Joe and Lynn babysit the boys for us since my mom and only babysitter was also going to the wedding. Kara is my Godmother's daughter and one of my closest cousins. We spend every holiday that we aren't with Michael's family with them. It was a beautiful wedding and Kara and Dennis are so happy! They are off to the warm and exoctic Dominican Republic for a honeymoon and I'm jealous cause it's been freezing here in the mornings when it's time to get out of bed! BRRRR! Fall is here!
Which also means, beautiful colors! And apple picking and pumpkin picking and all that fun stuff. Which is what we did yesterday. And we went through a corn maze for our first time too. That was so fun! We made it out in 15 minutes! This was a 4 acre maze! They said some people have been in there for 2 hours! We were pretty proud of ourselves! LOL! Take a look at some of the great shots from this weekend and hopefully enjoy them as much as I do!

And that's just a few! ;) Have a great day!


Rainbow Momma said...

Beautiful pics! I have yet to do a corn maze, but it sure sounds like fun!

BTW, just wanted to tell you that I'm totally addicted to making those 6x6 albums from that class you taught on the Cape. I've made 3 already and I have paper cut to make 3 more. They are such a great, quick, and easy project to whip up. Thank you thank you thank you for teaching that class!

mumsascrappa said...

Great photos Pam! Doing a corn maze is on my to do list too! Sounds like fun!

Jolene George said...

Sounds and looks like a WONDERFUL weekend! I love all of your pictures. We are still trying to decide what weekend we want to go out to the pumpkin festival. My boys love it.

Rachael Giallongo said...

Awesome pics! I especially love the one of you & the boys near the corn maze! AWESOME!

MiYon said...

Great photos, so vibrant and full of color! I'm too wimpy to do a corn maze. LOL