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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Musings

It's my 19th anniversary today! I find that hard to believe, where did the time go! Happy Anniversary Honey, LOVE YOU!
The boys started school today, Josh wasn't too keen on it, says he hates school. Nice! I have no idea where he got that attitude, I loved school! Jake is now a middle schooler! He was a bit nervous about going to a new school and being the young kid again but I think he'll be fine. Took my usual "First Day" pics and so wanted to follow him to the bus stop to get photos of him riding the Real bus (they have always gone on the daycare bus) but there was no way he was letting that happen! LOL!
Yesterday Chris and I went and took a Tim Holtz class! It was so fun! Man that guy is so stinking talented! He did a demo before the class too of the new Dabbers. I am telling you once you try these you will trash all your acrylic paints! There is no mess, no waste, you can use them on rubber stamps and they don't dry out when you leave the top off! So stinking cool! I bought 11 there and am ordering 12 more today from because Betsy has a buy 6 get one free offer going on! Way cool! There are 38 colors in all so I'll be 15 away from a complete set after this! They are a bit pricey ($3.65/bottle) but way worth the price considering how much more versatile they are!
Oh and my worse news of all, Friday my H3 got it's first set of dents/scratches! :( We have a paving company up the road, their big dump trucks travel up and down the road I drive on every day. Well one threw a huge rock off and it bounced across my hood leaving two big scratches and dents in it's path. Not only that, scared the lights out of me because I thought it was coming thru the windshield! Their insurance company is saying I don't have "Burden of Proof" it was them since I didn't see their name on the truck as it went by and there are a lot of orange trucks in the area! Yeah, well not the same color orange as these trucks! And not when 3 more come following closely behind that one! It was 9am and they were all on their way somewhere! Jerks! I have no idea if either of the boys saw the name on the trucks, I was too nervous about my less than a year old car being damaged that I didn't think of that, but most likely they will be too young to be credible witnesses anyway. I hope to hear better news by the end of the week but it looks like they are trying to get out of paying me!
So that's all my jibber jabber for today. I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!


mumsascrappa said...

So glad you and Chris enjoyed Tim Holz. Did he sign your page? Those painting things sound great! Enjoy your new scrappy goodies! Jake will enjoy the middle school! Hope he likes his teacher! Too bad about the Hummer! I still have a small crack in my windshied from a dump truck full of rocks hauling stuff out on 3A. They wouldn't pay, and I just haven't bothered to get it fixed. Have a great week!

mumsascrappa said...

argh!!! Forgot to say....

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Are you enjoying your new gift? Our 20th was last week the 23rd....time sure does fly!! Have a great special day!

jencaputo said...

Wow Pam!! Happy anniversary! I wanna see your Tim projects! What a bummer about the h3's dents, now it's just well loved right? like our dirty rubber stamps?

Jolene George said...

1. Happy 19th anniversary!!!
2. You need to sneak down and take a bus picture!!!
3. I want those dauber paints!!!
4. That stinks about the H3...dumb truck!!!