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Friday, August 18, 2006

Fish Tales

I've been trying to post since Wed but the new Blogger Beta won't show my post so if this one shows up I'll be amazed! Here is Wed night's update on the Koi:

When we got home yesterday the first thing I did was count the colorful fish, we have 6, I counted 5. Now note the colorful fish are the ones I paid big bucks for! I looked and found one of the FL fish down beside the porch. It was still moving! Barely! I ran and scooped it up and held it in the water for several minutes willing it to breath again. It coughed up some mulch and then I let it go and it flipped belly up! I grabbed it again and held onto it until it could swim upright. It then sank down to the bottom! This was not going well! It finally looked as if it might survive. So I let it alone. It made it thru the night. We put some tree netting over the pond and it's staying there until we can figure out what the heck the issue is! The water conditions are perfect according to the test kit so it's not that. No clue what the heck is causing these guys to jump ship (well pond) but they are not getting out now! :) Granted the frogs have no clue why they can't get in now! LOL
Yesterday the netting worked great, no fish got out and none got stuck in the netting either so right now all is good! Hopefully it will stay that way! Happy Friday all!


Jolene George said...

Why does your blog look funny? Your cute banner is gone and your sidebar stuff is clear down at the bottom.
I'm sorry you lost yey another one. I hope the net continues to work.

Jolene George said...

You must be working on it right now, because now it's yellow. :o) Can't wait to see what your doing.